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Bucket List Trips of a Lifetime

African Safari trip of a lifetime with Abercromie & Kent

Abercrombie & Kent

While global travel is at a standstill, some trips take years to reserve and plan. Check out our bucket list trips of a lifetime here, and have fun planning future travel.

Though travel drastically changed this year (at some points, completely stopped), the desire to discover new places and embark on incredible adventures remains. Normal travel may be postponed under further notice, but there’s never been a better time to make plans—and doesn’t that feel good!

Dream big, aim far and wait until it finally comes true. We’ve assembled our bucket list of trips of a lifetime—places that will leave you fantasizing about when you can book your next trip.

A trip of a lifetime is one that still leaves you in awe as you reflect on the experience years later.

visit Hotel Artic in Greenland for a trip of a lifetime

Hotel Arctic

There’s something so special about solar eclipses, a time when the moon is between the Earth and the sun, casting a shadow over the Earth. However, it’s difficult to be in the perfect place to watch the phenomenon. The next annular solar eclipse, which takes place on June 10, 2021, will bevisible from parts of Russia, Greenland and northern Canada. The best place to be on June 10, 2021 will be Polar Bear Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada, where a perfect Ring of Fire will last for 3 minutes and 33 seconds from 5:57 a.m. with 94 percent of the sun obscured.

A trip to Russia or Greenland is true bucket list material, but the view from northern Canada has the potential to be just as beautiful. Whether you’re looking to go near or far, the view will certainly be worth it. A trip of a lifetime is one that still leaves you in awe as you reflect on the experience years later. When you see space transform before your eyes, you’ll get that feeling.

Visit Greenland A/Sí

If you’re lucky enough to make it to Greenland, we recommend staying at the Hotel Arctic in Ilulissat. This charming town is decorated with colored wooden buildings, dog sleds and a traditional Greeland lifestyle. Hotel Arctic is the world’s most northerly 4-star hotel, making it an unforgettable experience on its own, not even including the scenery and amenities.


trip of a lifetime at Whichway Camp in Antarctica

Whichway Camp

Assuming we can handle the cold temperatures, those of us at ICONIC dream of flying to Antarctica. From stunning views of the northern lights to exploring the only permanent landing area for the Emperor Penguins, this untouched and unusual place is an ultimate travel goal.

Tourists, whose trip of a lifetime is to visit Antarctica, have a few options: go by cruise, take their own boat, be air-dropped in and air-lifted out or fly overhead. No matter your choice of arrival in style, you’re sure to leave the trip feeling breathless and one with nature.

emperor penguins excursion trip of a lifetime in Antarctica

Whichway Camp

Check out White Desert for trip packages that correspond to the length of your trip and the activities you’re craving. We recommend you stay at Whichaway Camp, a luxury lodge in Antarctica only accessible by private charter flight and accommodating a maximum of 12 guests.

Galapogos National park trip of a lifetime

Galapagos National Park

Temperature-wise, the Galapagos Islands are quite different from Antarctica but stunning in their own ways. Alongside the equator—about 600 miles from the Ecuadorian shore—the Galapagos Islands are often viewed as the crown’s jewels of the natural world.

If you’re looking for a bright and sunny adventure into an area straight out of the Jurassic era, this is the trip of a lifetime for you. There is an abundance of native species that are protected within the island environment. In fact, if you’re planning a trip, keep in mind the lengths that the Galapagos National Park goes to preserve the natural beauty, such as reducing the number of visitors by “requiring boats to wait 14 days before returning to the exact same area.”

Galapagos Finch Bay Hotel trip of a lifetime

Finch Bay Hotel

On your trip to the Galapagos, stay at the Finch Bay Hotel, and make planning your activities easier by purchasing package-itineraries. Finch Bay, known as an expedition hotel, is described as a beachfront base from which to discover the wildlife of the islands aboard a private yacht and create your own adventures on land and sea.

Imagine watching elephants walking up to your hotel room, witnessing a baby giraffe in its natural environment or taking a guided National Geographic Expedition to view research sites and speak with scientists in the field.

Abercrombie & Kent African Safari trip of a lifetime

Abercrombie & Kent

Forbes described embarking on an African safari as experiencing the real Lion King, and we couldn’t agree more. Are you an animal lover? Then you’ve found your ideal trip of a lifetime.

Imagine watching elephants walking up to your hotel room, witnessing a baby giraffe in its natural environment or taking a guided National Geographic Expedition to view research sites and speak with scientists in the field. An African safari is an ultimate experience to get up close and personal with wildlife and learn about history, geography and biology on such a unique and beautiful land. To make it even more desirable, guided tours make planning easy and stress-free, something we all need after this rollercoaster of a year.


Abercrombie & Kent

Bring your African safari dream to life using Abercrombie & Kent (A&K), the company that pioneered the modern African safari in 1962, creating a signature blend of luxury, authenticity and adventure. As a home base to secluded and extraordinary wilderness adventures, A&K journeys feature luxurious boutique camps and lodges available only to smaller groups and always with an incredible front seat to wildlife, often just outside your door.


trip of a lifetime to golf at St. Andrews

St. Andrews

We love luxury golf experiences, and we know our readers do too. So why not start planning a trip to golf St. Andrews?

Deemed as the best golf course in the world, the Old Course at St. Andrews is a sight to see (and play!). The Old Course has the widest opening-hole fairway in the world, 14 double-greens and the ability to be played both clockwise and counterclockwise.

There are many helpful resources to make planning this trip of a lifetime easier. For instance, Golf Advisor has a surplus of articles ranging from how to play the Old Course to other activities to partake in around Scotland.

play golf at St. Andrews a trip of a lifetime

St. Andrews

Easily book your trip using St. Andrews Golf Travel After golfing St. Andrews, rest your head at the Old Course Hotel, which overlooks the famous links courses and the West Sands Beach. The Old Course Hotel features a combination of classically elegant and contemporary interiors, impressing golf lovers and those simply looking for a worthwhile vacation.

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