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Best Stargazing in US: Romantic Hotel Getaway

Kakslauttanen hotel for stargazing in Finland

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Sleep under the stars at these spectacular properties for romantic stargazing from mirrored treehouses, floating overwater bungalows and glass igloos.

IIn a galaxy far, far away…There is nothing like escaping daily life by simply looking up and into the universe’s planetary and star-speckled skies. Glancing up into the unknown can be the perfect remedy for re-setting our mood, inciting the imagination and providing a romantic stargazing experience. So, we have garnered the best properties around the world for astrology and space addicts who are eager to explore the skies above in some of the most remote places in the world.

These inclusive properties offer opportunities for avid outdoorsmen and hikers to explore the peaks of the Alps by day and spend sunset at a desert observatory to peep the constellations with an expert or watch the Aurora Borealis light up the Arctic skies from a glass igloo by night. This is where adventure, luxury overnights and unobstructed views abound.

From floating bungalows in the Maldives to high-end Namibian hideaways, read on for five of the best, most obscure and fantastical hotels for stargazing, the closest you can get to magic under the stars.

Nothing short of magical, the part-hotel and part-observatory property is flanked by a monumental glacier on one side and the statuesque silhouette of the Matterhorn on the other.

Kulmhotel Gornergrat best hotel for stargazing

3100 Kulmhotel Gornergrat

For a high-altitude sojourn in the Alps, head to the three-star Kulmhotel Gornegrat. Nothing short of magical, the part-hotel and part-observatory property is flanked by a monumental glacier on one side and the statuesque silhouette of the Matterhorn on the other. At 10,170 feet above sea level, a height typically reserved for mountaineers and researchers, visitors can peep the crystal-clear views of the starry night sky.

When guests arrive, they are met with an elegant stone property that has a charming rustic patina but comes with modern conveniences, like an on-site shopping mall selling Swiss-made watches and jewelry, naturally. Pristine pinewood adorns the bedrooms and plush white beds create a typical Swiss aesthetic, and couples can enjoy the mystique of the sparkling night sky from the comfort of their room via windows that boast impressive lookouts for romantic couple stargazing.

Kulmhotel Gornergrat hotel for stargazing

3100 Kulmhotel Gornergrat

Indulge at the on-site restaurant serving locally produced organic fare, lounge along the sundeck, or take the ‘hotel hike’ to get even closer to the majesty of the Matterhorn. For an added experience, we recommend taking the cog railway from the nearby car-free village of Zermatt to the hotel for a scenic route of the legendary landscape that unfolds beneath the shadows of the cragged mountain range.

For avid stargazers, the “Dining with the Stars” experience is the ideal way to glean up at the
Milky Way while savoring the decadent buffet of fondue Chinoise. Couples can enjoy a romantic meal alongside their stargazing. Guests will also get a tour of the Gornergrat Observatory to peer up at the planets while being guided—and entertained—by expert astrologers. This is the star-lit European escape you have been dreaming up.

andBeyond-Sossusvlei-Desert stargazing hotel


Imagine roaming the soft curves of Namibia’s sand dunes as you wait for the sun to set to reveal the brilliance of the starry heavens above. The Sossusvlei Desert Lodge is a unique getaway to the southwest region of Africa that seems to be untouched by human life. This natural landscape makes for some of the best star sightings due to the clarity of light and expansive horizons, so you can easily make out your favorite constellations overhead.

andBeyond’s recently renovated property emphasizes the beauty of the land with glass, rock, and steel that stands out amongst the nakedness of the earth and provides guests with high-end amenities and luxury accommodations off the grid. This helps make it another one of the best hotels for stargazing.

andBeyond-Sossusvlei-Desert best hotel for stargazing


The Star Dune Suite features floor-to-ceiling glass windows that show off the mountains and dunes as well as a fireplace, sleek sofas and mood-lighting for a sensual ambiance to witness the sunset in privacy. Suites include outdoor showers and skylights floating above the beds, so you are never far from the stars.

Dining in the dunes and nature walks are the perfect build-up to getting in touch with the region and the wide-open skies. The pinnacle of the experience comes in the form of stargazing at a world-class observatory, where a resident astronomer shows you the sky through their trained eyes.


Upgrading to the Kelo-Glass Igloos is a next-level way to enjoy the Arctic with comfort at the forefront.

kakslauttanen arctic best hotel for star gazing Finland

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Imagine your own glass igloo in the middle of the snow-speckled woods set beneath a sky dancing with the Northern Lights. The modern accommodations at Finland’s Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort are one of the most innovative ways to watch the sky come alive in the dark of winter, adding it to our roundup of incredible hotels for romantic stargazing. The transparent dooms are heated and fixed with cozy beds to stargaze in the privacy of your woodland abode.

The largest igloos on the property are designed with four-beds and include their own private showers. Upgrading to the Kelo-Glass Igloos is a next-level way to enjoy the Arctic with comfort at the forefront. The newly built chalets infuse the properties classic igloos with log cabins that sleep up to 10 and have their own private saunas.

kakslauttanen artic resort star gazing finland

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Just beyond your glowing glass home is Finland’s largest national park, Urho Kekkonen National Park, brimming with wildlife and water so pure you can drink straight from the streams. The indigenous culture is celebrated for their artistry and craftsmanship and can be appreciated in the locally produced goods for guests to enjoy.

We understand that traveling this far north for romantic stargazing is no easy feat, but it comes with high reward as guests may have the chance to see the Aurora Borealis phenomenon. The best time to see the Northern Lights is early Fall and end of Spring, but these igloos provide epic views to astrological sightings all year round.

Taking the viewing experience to new heights is easy with the double-netted floor floating above the ground that allows for a cozy place to stargaze throughout the night in the hopes of seeing a shooting star spark up the sky.

The 7th room Sweden best hotel for stargazing

Photo by Johan Jansson

SNøHETTA’S THE 7th ROOM | Sweden
The classic childhood treehouse has been re-imagined by the Swedish design firm, Snøhetta, in this glass-encased structure named, the 7th Room. Teetering above the pine forest in Northern Sweden is this wildly inventive mirrored abode that is steeped in modern design and offers some impressive views of the starry sky above, perfect for romantic stargazing.

Set on supportive columns, the two-level structure floats above the forest and gives guests the feeling of suspension. The space is meant to bring people closer to nature, which is why the Northern Light Lounge is crafted with glass walls and windows for the chance that the Aurora Borealis lights up the land. The structure is rather futuristic, but the design achieves balance as it is set within the natural beauty of the Lapland forest.

the 7th room Sweden stargazing hotel

Photo by Johan Jansson

The dark exterior is elevated with pinewood furniture, sleek fireplaces, plush beds embedded into the floor and skylights set above them for direct access to the luminary light up ahead. Taking the viewing experience to new heights is easy with the double-netted floor floating above the ground that allows for a cozy place to stargaze throughout the night in the hopes of seeing a shooting star spark up the sky. All of this and more creates another one of the best hotels for stargazing.

Soneva Jani best hotel for stargazing

Photo by Richard Waite

SONEVA JANI | Maldives
Beneath the stars and above the sea, floating between two worlds, is the Soneva Jani retreat located in the incomparable Maldives. The elaborate bungalows at the property speak for themselves as they come clad with waterslides, private pools, open-air rooms and spacious bedrooms. There is seemingly nothing they don’t have.

They even considered their star-chasing guests by integrating large retractable roofs above the master bedrooms. This allows for wide-open views of the sparkling sky that comes alive at night above the Indian Ocean’s turquoise waters. The resort defines themselves as “laid-back luxury” so that visitors can feel the tranquility of their surroundings with chic entertainment at an easy reach. This is the perfect relaxation opportunity for couples seeking romantic stargazing.


Photo by Stevie Mann

The outdoor movie theatre is one way they bring the amenities to you. Floating above the water, the screen plays your favorite films while chefs prepare tableside treats and chilled cocktails are served during sunset. Astrology enthusiasts will appreciate the cruise experience that takes guests out for a boat ride while the resident astronomer reveals the secrets and science of the stars twinkling above.

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