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The Best Spas in Vietnam Include Alchemy, Aromatherapy and Ayurvedic Treatments

Amanoi, Vietnam - Spa House Relaxation Sala and Pool

Amanoi, Aman Resorts

From the Four Seasons to Amanoi, surprise! Some of the best spas in the world are found in Vietnam.

From our 2019 spa trends that include cryotherapy and CBD to the increasingly popular trend of silence as therapy, we are always on the search for new ways to re-center and rejuvenate. We headed to Southeast Asia this time to enlist the centuries-old holistic practices of the region; where local herbs and essential oils are sourced from the lush and biodiverse land and immersive retreats enlist experts from the wellness industry, from mediums to monks, to serve your spiritual needs. Interested in aromatherapy, hands-on alchemy to blend your own tinctures, and Ayurvedic practices? All of this can be found at these five hotel spas, including the Four Seasons and Amanoi, set along the tranquil beaches of central Vietnam, the secret shores in the southeast, and in the lively city center of Saigon.

Four Seasons Resort Spa Hoi An Vietnam

Photo by Ken Seet

Hoi An is the epitome of Vietnamese charm. The city, located on the central coast, is cut with meandering canals, illuminated by lanterns in the evening, and adjacent to temple sanctuary’s and fishing villages along the verdant coastline dotted with the sacred symbol of Buddha. Along the coast, you will be pleased to find a recognizable and highly-applauded Four Seasons hotel, and a visit to the resort’s spa, Heart of the Earth, is a must for those looking to dip into a spiritual quest—or at the very least a detoxifying body scrub made with local ginger and lemongrass.

Best Spa in Vietnam Four Seasons Hoi An

Photo by Ken Seet

Spa treatments take place on the water-side villa that seems to float above the tranquil and lily-pad dotted waters. Their Visiting Masters program brings together international gurus and wellness leaders to offer healing rituals for guests. So, not only can you be treated to restorative massages, floral facials and anti-gravity yoga sessions, but you are invited to awaken to the spirit of self. Guests can engage in holistic practices that include a chakra-balancing and meditation session with Reiki healer, Shaylini, for a more aligned emotional and physical body. Through energy-readings done by renowned medium, Marco Della Valle, one can connect with their past and future while shedding light on their direction in life.

The Heart of the Earth Spa’s concept is inspired by Thích Nhất Hạnh, a Vietnamese Zen Master and scholar who believes we are one with Mother Earth.

Four Seasons Resort Hoi An Vietnam

Photo by Ken Seet

Perhaps Condé Nast Traveler said it best when awarding the spa as the ‘Best Emotional Recovery Space’ just this year. Four Seasons takes wellness to the next level here in Hoi An, by approaching the healing process to recognize more than just the body along the shores of the East Sea.

Shine Spa for Sheraton Vietnam

Sheraton Grand Danang Resort

Outside the frenetic energy of Saigon and beyond the tangle of Vietnam’s dense jungles, lies a swathe of pristine beach. Non Nuoc Beach is set near the Marble Mountains just north of Hoi An, where the turquoise waters are steps from the Sheraton Grand Danang Resort’s luxe and modern digs. For a well-rounded resort experience, there are on-site restaurants, golf-courses, and rooms featuring custom bedding for the sleep of your dreams. Highlighting some of the best of the amenities is the Shine Spa, which upon entering invites guests into a chandelier-clad space glittering with gold accents that reflect the Regency era it was styled after.


Sheraton Grand Danang Resort

The treatment rooms are set above the infinity pool on the sea’s edge, for an award-winning view and an indulgent menu of facials, wraps and massages all use traditional Vietnamese techniques and remedies. We chose the Shine Spa in part because of their ability to set the mood for guests, because let’s be honest, ambiance is key to a successful spa-day. Through music, scent and sophisticated interiors, the mood is one of prestige and peace. And because traveling this far across the globe can be an exhausting feat, the treatments are catered to help you ‘find your glow’ despite tired eyes. They use warmed coconut oil for a skin-nourishing experience and offer Swedish, Vietnamese, and Balinese styles of massage of your choosing. Recommended is the Moroccan Rassoul body wrap, a purifying experience for the skin that encourages moisture retention while releasing impurities and hydrates skin through the application of volcanic ash and rassoul, a mineral clay for a glowed-up look.

Six Senses Spa Nihn Van Bay Vietnam

Six Senses Ninh Van Bay, Vietnam

Head to Ninh Van Bay where Six Senses Spa is perched along an expansive stretch of sea resembling the likes of a private island—but without ever having to leave the mainland. Secluded villas tucked into the lush coast against granite rock walls feature infinity-edge pools and private spas catering to those seeking reprieve along the sea with total peace and quiet. But a visit to Six Senses without a trip to their spa is like going to Vietnam and not eating a steaming bowl of pho…you just don’t. Beneath the gleaming new fitness center is the resort’s newly renovated spa center with panoramic views of the glittering bay along with a meditation retreat and a studio dedicated to flying yoga. Yes, all that among a gorgeous menu of treatments that range from bamboo massages using suction cups to remove toxins, a tension-relieving Reiki facial, and customizable detox programs to hit the re-set button during this healing journey inspired by centuries-old techniques.

Six Senses Spa Best Spa in Vietnam

Six Senses, Ninh Van Bay, Vietnam

Ayurveda is an ancient science of life, that includes addressing physical and mental health through treatments like the Abhyanga body massage, which takes specially select massage oils ideal for the guests’ body type while two therapists work in tandem to relax the entire body while the oil works to reduce signs of aging, strengthen the skin and the immune system. We are loving the hands-on alchemy bar that lets guests blend their own scrubs and masks using local ingredients to use for their spa treatments. Pick your tincture then relax while the calming streams cascade through the junglescape just beyond the wooden villas and open-air spa rooms.


Amanoi, Vietnam - Spa House

Amanoi, Aman Resorts

AMANOI SPA | Vinh Hay Bay
The five-star resort of Amanoi along Vinh Hay Bay is located in what is referred to as the ‘secret shores’ of southeast Vietnam. The revered hotel brand continues to find remote locales to showcase their prowess for hospitality; this time it’s a magical retreat above the natural conservation site of the Núi Chúa National Park. A perfect place for contemplation, the space is a reflection of traditional architecture with its pagoda-inspired structures along with modern features like a cliffside pool and private residences clad with infinity pools and decks with panoramic views of the jungle and ocean.

Amanoi Spa Yoga pavilion on spa lake Vietnam

Amanoi, Aman Resorts

The spa at Amanoi is set near the lotus-filled lake and has a yoga pavilion floating off the calm waters. Stepping inside the private spa houses will take guests to contemporary hammams, ice fountains and Jacuzzis overlooking the lake; a testament to the brands aim at total tranquility in the protected waters of the bay. Their Individual Wellness Immersions are meant to promote profound change. “What kind of change?” you ask. The kind that happens after a personalized treatment is prepared for you based on your specific body type and desires for said change; whether that is weight loss or a deeper spiritual connection. Choose from a variety of tailored treatments such as draining the lymph where toxic accumulations occur, herbal and dietary treatments to stimulate the digestive system, guided meditations and acupressure to reduce stress and cultivate mindfulness. Between the in-house specialists and visiting therapists, the extensive spa menu enlists these experts in wellness to treat guests to aromatherapy-based massages, purifying facials using the Aman skincare line and reflexology that targets the total body.

Amanoi, Vietnam - Yoga at Cliff Pool

Amanoi, Aman Resorts

Their immersive new six-night wellness journey aptly named, Journey to Peace, will be offered this October (22 to 28) and led by Buddhist monk and mindfulness coach, Geshe YongDong. The experience is designed to bring out inner peace, patience and tolerance through teachings, breathwork, contemplation in nature, and guided practices to live more mindfully—all done in rich and spirited sites across Southeast Asia. The journey begins at Amanoi and ends at Amantaka in Luang Prabang located in northern Laos.

Park Hyatt Spa Siagon Vietnam

Park Hyatt Saigon

Saigon is the historical and hectic heartbeat of Vietnam, a place you must visit on your travels to the Southeast. From the cities cacophonous streets buzzing with mopeds and lined with French colonial landmarks that aim to awe, it can easily be a place of overwhelm. For a necessary moment of reprieve, make sure to stop by the Xuan Spa at Park Hyatt Saigon brimming with rituals inspired by the beauty and traditional medicine of the country. The sophisticated urban retreat takes guests through a Parisian-esque interior dominated by a soft and elegant color palette clad with fanciful décor fit for royalty.

Park Hyatt Best Spas in Vietnam

Park Hyatt Saigon

The spa experiences source the highest-quality flora, botanicals and minerals from the Mekong Delta rich with the alluvial soil that produces rice, coconuts and sugar in plenty. “Cuu Long” refers to this biodiverse region and carries the symbol of nine dragons and a place “where time stands still and the temporal world fades away.” Organic essential oils crafted from lotus flowers and rice water essence are used for their powerful properties and are reflective of the lush and potent ecosystem. Throughout the treatments, whether it’s a deep-issue massage or a hydrating facial to boost collagen, the essential oils are utilized. This includes ginger oil, which is used as an anti-inflammatory; cajuput oil for relaxation and to reduce pain, and cinnamon to aid with respiratory and skin problems. Their philosophy is to work in harmony with the body to repair and rebuild for a rejuvenated sense of being before heading back into the bustle of the city.

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