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Summer in Italy: Positano Restaurants

Positano Italy Travel

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Our ICONIC INSIDER, Alyssa Pini, takes us along on her Summer in Italy, sharing her recommendations for where to eat, stay and explore in one of her favorite Italian cities Positano!

Welcome to Positano a famous, picturesque village boasting a wealth of beautiful lemon trees, pink oleander and endless amounts of limoncello. Positano is a magical place, full of history, centuries-old homes and an elegant, upscale vibe where you’ll want to dress to impress. The Amalfi Coast, overlooking the Tyrhennian Sea, is mecca for the world’s elite travelers who crave fine dining in rustic, charming bistros within walking distance of where you’ll stay. With that in mind, my family and I challenged ourselves to experience this idyllic place like locals. Here’s what we loved.

La Tagliata Positano Italy

One of the best restaurants in Positano, the authentic La Tagliata comes with notably generous portions, fabulous wine and a lot of dancing—not to mention, one of the most breathtaking views overlooking the sea. Locals say the best night to go is on Tuesday night, as they have live music playing. This was by far the best meal we had, though I’m not sure if it was the wine talking or me just under the influence of live music. Give yourself a head start and call in advance to make a reservation; they’ll even shuttle you back and forth if you don’t want to use your car service. For restaurants in Positano, you won’t want to miss this one! You’ll be leaving with a full belly and plenty of jaw-dropping pictures. Buon appetito!

This was by far the best meal we had, though I’m not sure if it was the wine talking or me just under the influence of live music.

Casa e Bottega Positano Italy

Casa e Bottega

If you haven’t seen this place all over Instagram, were you really “stalking” Positano? Jokes aside, this one was too good not to include in this travel diary. Casa e Bottega is a picturesque dream. The place is floor-to-ceiling white, and screams “Italian villa,” making it hard not to want to recreate every nook and cranny for your own home. If you are seeking a break from the pizza and pasta diet, Casa e Bottega has an abundance of fresh choices that support a gluten-free, dairy-free diet, only using organic fruits and vegetables. Some of my favorite items include the liquid sun smoothie, avocado smoothie bowl and the coconut passion smoothie.

When you think of spending your summer on the Amalfi Coast, a private boat tour is something you will want to make a priority for your trip. A well-respected boat company in the area, Gianni’s Boat, offers excursions to take small groups out on the Mediterranean for the day. Gianni’s Boat is based out of Capri but luckily there is an option to sail from Positano for a duration of 4 hours. The benefit is that it is completely private with the option to bring your choice of food and vino. Make your James Bond dreams come true on this afternoon sailing. Don’t forget a fashionable rattan hat, as the sun is a scorcher.

Boat Tour Positano Italy

No interest in a private boat tour? Don’t fret, we got you covered! Da Adolfo, Positano’s beach club, can only be reached by boat. Although it’s a short ten-minute ride, the views are absolutely breathtaking. What’s better than a pebble beach with amazing views? Good food! Da Adolofo’s beach restaurant is even better than the view. Make sure to order the grilled mozzarella on lemon leaves; it’s to die for.

Palazzo Murat Luxury Italian Travel

Palazzo Murat

For most of us, finding a hotel that lives up to “luxe” standards in Italy is limited. However, after much research and a little extra investing, Palazzo Murat was at the top of the list in our quest to live like locals. One word: location, location, location! Palazzo Murat is as central as you can get, with rooms offering a small terrace that either looks over the gardens or the town to the sea. Being one of the nicer hotels in the center, you can enjoy the luxury amenities such as a pool, breakfast buffet and a common garden for Aperitivo or dinner.


La Sponda at Le Sirenus Italy

La Sponda at Le Sirenus

Stories like this get a spirited debate going in our offices. As she has traveled extensively, our Publisher Renee Dee couldn’t resist the opportunity to get her two-Euros in on where to stay in Positano. Hands down she love Le Sirenus for the uber-luxe accommodations, La Sponda restaurant and truly iconic views. It reminds her of one of her favorite must-see hotels, Ville D’Este. Don’t miss the champagne and oyster bar at sunset.


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