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Best Places to Eat in Paris: Le Joy, NENI Paris, Shang Palace, Korcarz

Best Restaurants to eat in Paris hero

Courtesy of Le Joy Paris

Paris, the city of light illuminates the palate with fantastic fares from exquisite bakeries to brilliant dining spots. Here are some of the best places to eat in Paris. 

In the city of love, the cuisine choices are endless. On a whirlwind visit to Paris with my eight-year-old son, we tasted everything from bakeries to brasseries to fabulous fancy restaurants. Here are a few of the best places to eat in Paris.

Le Joy

Courtesy of Le Joy Paris

Right off the Champs-Élysées, nestled inside the exquisite Hôtel Barrière Le Fouquet, “Le Joy” is truly what its name suggests: a pure, joyful experience. 

At this eatery in Paris, guests can dine in a charming area bordered by a library of art books or venture outside into an elegant and inviting magical garden. It’s a quiet space filled with small trees, sunflowers, and contemporary design, showcasing a decorative wall with silver tree branch illustrations.

Courtesy of Le Joy Paris

The food is sublime. This restaurant in Paris offers the best breakfast I have experienced in the city. It is filled with delicious freshly baked pastries, handcrafted jams, various fresh juices, and options that include smoked salmon, avocado toast, and perhaps the best hot chocolate in the world. Le Joy is the perfect option if you’re looking for a fueled start to your day.

Courtesy of Le Joy Paris

Their dinners are delectable, with a menu of dishes and cocktails exclusively with ingredients grown in France. Le Joy is the only restaurant in Paris with this concept, and the presentation of the meals is akin to an experience at a modern art museum. 

The soup is perfectly brewed, and the fish is fantastic. Truthfully, anything you order will pique your curiosity about how chef Mathieu Mécheri, who uses seasonal ingredients in all his meals, can create such magical culinary experiences.

NENI Paris

Best places to eat in Paris, Neni

Steve Herud

Paris boasts eclectic food choices and this next restaurant, NENI Paris, is much like the city itself, lively and tasty with a splash of excitement. The restaurant’s ambiance is playful but with an air of calm. It is a beautiful place to satisfy your cravings and indulge in a savory meal.


Courtesy of NENI Paris

The restaurant is located in the 25hours Hotel Paris Terminus Nord. When you have a meal at NENI, be sure to request a window seat to enjoy a gorgeous view of the facade of Gare du Nord. The decor is stylish and the service is friendly and welcoming.

Enjoy a tasty meal from its eclectic Persian, Arabic, French, and Russian-inspired menu. Guests often rave over dishes such as the curry mango hummus, popcorn falafel and Moroccan cigars.

Courtesy of NENI Paris

The restaurant also offers a dish akin to a street food specialty from Tel Aviv, which includes fried eggplant, tahini, tomato salsa and more. While the menu appears exotic, it caters to everyone’s taste preferences, offering the classic burger and fries for those who prefer simpler things.

 Shang Palace

Courtesy of Shang Palace

The former home of Prince Roland Bonaparte inspired the Shangri-La Paris Hotel. Located in the 16th arrondissement, it offers sensational views of the Eiffel Tower and Seine. Parisian elegance is not only easy to see but also to feel as the hotel effortlessly blends European grandeur with traditional Asian hospitality.

Best Places to eat in Paris, Shang Palace, dishes

Courtesy of Shang Palace

Indulge in a beautiful meal in the only Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant in France, Shang Palace, located in the Shangri-La Paris hotel. The chef provides spectacular Cantonese food. Everything on their menu is tasty, especially the eggplant. 


Masada Siegel

When I lived in Paris, the ladies at the local bakery scolded me daily for always eating on the run and never sitting down properly for breakfast. However, in a city like Paris, where there is so much to do, sometimes the best way to experience the city’s charm is with a pastry and coffee. 

In the fashionable, artistic and grand shopping area of Paris, the Marais, be sure to indulge in a pastry or even a sit-down meal at Korcarz.


Best places to eat in Paris, Korcarz, pastries

Masada Siegel

It was opened by Polish Holocaust survivors in 1948, and the variety of pastries there is wide, from the mouth-watering Hungarian desserts Dobosh (cream-filled cake) and Baklava to cheesecake and apple strudel.

Located at 29 Rue de Rosiers, Korcarz is both a bakery and restaurant where you can have a casual sit-down meal or grab-and-go. The staff is patient, as often the offerings are plentiful, so it takes time to decide on what to indulge in. Whatever you decide to order, it will be a great choice, as it is impossible to go wrong with Korcarz pastries in Paris.

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