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Best Home-Cooked Meal Delivery Services

home cooked food delivery service by Martha and Marley

Martha & Marley Spoon

What’s for dinner tonight? These five food delivery services bring home-cooked meals to your table. Each item is selected by our Publisher Renee Dee, and, if you love it, you can shop for it…right here on ICONIC LIFE.

Not feeling like a culinary master in your castle? Check out these home-cooked meal delivery services that bring the makings for everything from comfort foods to plant-based cuisine to frozen smoothies right to your doorstep. With easy directions, pre-measured ingredients and frozen-for-freshness shipping, home-cooked food delivery just made you look like the hero of the house.

Daily Harvest smoothies home food delivery

Daily Harvest

It all started with smoothie cups with nice varieties of fruits and veggies, ready for blending. While you’re shopping around to get your meals delivered, start with something healthy! If you are a juicer or smoothie maker, you know the frustration of buying ingredients and not using them up before they lose freshness. Plus, it’s costly to buy a huge variety of ingredients to make the best smoothie recipes.

The advantage here is you get lots of different ingredients, already washed and cut up with no waste when you want wellness on the run. With the success of Daily Harvest, the team has added soups, bowls, flatbreads, bites and lattes, all sourced from farms where they get to know the farmers personally.

The result is produce harvested at the peak of ripeness that is frozen on the farm to lock in the greatest nutritional value and best taste.

And now, Daily Harvest, one of my favorite home-cooked food delivery services has introduced compostable bowls and cups to be good to the planet, too, by reducing our use of single-use plastics. I can tell you that the convenience is awesome, and pre-made cups are a huge time-saving benefit when you’re pursuing a healthy lifestyle. If you start a subscription, kindly please use our code RE-4R3A945.

Martha and Marley home cooked food delivery

Martha & Marley Spoon

Are you the one who is bombarded with the question, “What’s for dinner tonight?” Then it’s time to make friends with Martha Stewart, who is once again there for you to solve kitchen conundrums, only this time she’s not advocating for raising your own chickens or tutoring you to grow a home herb garden. This time she’s doing what we’ve been asking of her for decades, “Please Martha, will you just do it for us?”


home cooked food delivery by Martha and Marley

Martha & Marley Spoon

Martha & Marley Spoon, a home-cooked meal delivery service, offers 22 recipes each week, so you can select from her six-step recipes with pre-measured ingredients and recipe cards for dinners that can be made in 30 minutes or less. And you thought online culinary school was the only answer. Martha & Marley Spoon also features a vegetarian meal plan as well as plenty of vegan, keto, Mediterranean and gluten-free diet options.

For sure, this is the next best thing to having a private chef. Not only is this a simple option to have meals delivered for your family, but my single friends say this home-cooked food delivery service is the way to go, even if you are cooking for one.

Vital Choice home cooked food delivery service

Vital Choice

If you research the food you consume like I do, you know there are so many things to look out for when buying seafood. A few years back, I was introduced to Vital Choice Wild Seafood and Organics by a friend I would call the ultimate ingredient guru, having delivery service of items for home-cooked meals shipped to her home weekly to put the very best of the best clean, healthy options on her table.

I was delighted to bump into the founder of Vital Choice, Randy at a conference last fall, and I’ve been obsessed with their approach to sourcing and shipping seafood you can trust. Good food has a positive impact on our wellness and how it’s sourced impacts the wellness of our planet.

Founded in 2001 on the premise that wild Alaskan salmon is nature’s most perfect food, Vital Choice has grown into a trusted source of premium wild seafood from healthy, well-managed fisheries around the globe with only sustainably-caught, wild seafood, which is nutritionally superior to farmed fish and free of the antibiotics, pesticides and GMO feeds used on fish farms.

The company donates a portion of its profits to planet-protecting programs from sourcing to shipping. Some big names in wellness are advocates—Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Nicholas Perricone. That’s probably because they are so selective in only working with healthy, well-managed fisheries that meet their rigorous standards.

In addition to sustainable seafood and ordering from a delivery service that supports home-cooked food and meals, you can order organics and marine-source nutritional supplements.

home cooked food delivery service by Vital Choice

Vital Choice

home cooked good delivery service by Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot

With more than 200,000 edible plants on the earth, there are so many options for incorporating a beneficial plant-based diet. And the benefits are numerous, including a decreased chance of high blood pressure, reduced risk of heart disease, lower risk of diabetes, reduced inflammation, improved immunity and potentially beneficial in the fight against cancer with this home-cooked meal delivery service

Keeping it green and clean is good for Mother Earth, reducing carbon emissions and water usage. So it makes sense why more and more people are “eating the rainbow” of color through fruits and vegetables, made easier now by the subscription service Purple Carrot. With this home-cooked food delivery service, you can select from high-protein, gluten-free or chef’s choice programs, and complete meals are shipped to you.

Purple Carrot home cooked food delivery service

Purple Carrot

Fans like professional football player Tom Brady and Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman are fans of the subscription-based service that brings chef-worthy combinations of tofu, jasmine rice, chickpeas, quinoa, eggplant, salsas and even veggies you’ve never heard of right to your doorstep. I am a big fan of the vanilla chia pudding with dried blueberries and cashews.

home cooked food delivery service by GoldBelly


If you are nesting at home and need a good comfort food fix that brings back memories from your childhood or favorite city, locate your “fat pants” and place your order with Goldbelly, a company that believes in “the emotional power of food. For many of us, food is a language of love. It’s more than just nourishment. It’s memories, it’s connection, it’s comfort.”


Goldbelly connects people with their best food memories, and the portal for home-cooked food delivery—well they make it and you cook it—brings their favorites like Lou Malnati’s Pizza and Eli’s Cheesecake from Chicago or Joe’s Pizza and Wexler’s Deli from New York or a Primanti’s Bros. sandwich from Pittsburgh, and, of course Café Du Monde beignets from New Orleans. I cannot say I have not ordered from this savory site.

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