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Jewelry Designers We’re Loving:
Shop Our Curated Gallery of Fine Jewelry Faves

Jewelry Designers We’re Loving: Shop Our Curated Gallery of Fine Jewelry Faves - butterfly earrings

This month, we’re proud to announce our partners in a new and exciting curated collection of fine jewelry created by designers personally invited by our publisher. And you can shop right here.

Ilove fine jewelry, and even more, I am spellbound by the talents of the designers we have invited to join us in our new initiative ICONIC LIFE JEWELS. They are designers with distinct looks and extraordinary quality who’ve made a life of collecting rare gemstones and special finds, and then allowing these gemstones to speak to them in a language that results in stunning jewelry design.

Their studios are intimate, their teams are small, but their passion and vision are immeasurably large, and these are the designers that captivate me, and I feel called to share their stories and their designs with you.

In this clickable and shoppable world, I want you to have greater access to this curated collection of my favorite designers. We’ve launched our exclusive, curated online fine jewelry gallery through ICONIC LIFE, and now these beautiful, hand-crafted, mostly one-of-a-kind pieces are available to you no matter where you live through our site. Each month, we will feature just three of our favorite pieces so you can see what we are loving in the moment and recommending—just click the item for more details.

Their studios are intimate, their teams are small, but their passion and vision are immeasurably large, and these are the designers that captivate me, and I feel called to share their stories and their designs with you.

Of course, every designer has an extensive collection, and if you have questions, we’ve joined forces with a jewelry expert with decades of experience to answer your questions or help you track down something you don’t see here. Our site offers you three options: buy now, get more info or talk with our concierge—because we want to provide a full concierge buying experience. And a portion of our proceeds are reserved for giving back.

We searched long and far to curate our gallery of fine jewelry created by our favorite designers, who we not only love, but are proud to represent.

Ready, set, shop!


A true renaissance man, St. Louis-based designer Adam Foster specializes in creating classic pieces with a modern twist. You’ll find jewelry that ranges from contemporary to traditional, to bold and delicate. Each is a nod to the past and handcrafted using Old World techniques.

Foster was called to the world of jewelry design as a young boy, when a trip to Italy left him feeling inspired. The creative spirit extends to all facets of his life as he partakes in a variety of pursuits from automotive restoration to the culinary arts.

Today, the successful jewelry designer is receiving national acclaim for his collection as well as his couture creations for individual clients. Foster is gaining great recognition for his latest creations from Canary Island lava rock, and his quest for new ideas and new materials is unending.

Adam Foster Constellation Pieces In Gold and Diamonds

Adam Foster Collection


Introducing this year’s JCK Industry’s Choice Award winner, Debra Navarro, a fine jewelry designer best known for her unique styling of natural-colored diamonds and 18k gold into one-of-a-kind works of wearable art. Performing voice work for a jewelry store introduced Debra to fine jewelry and ignited a quest for more knowledge.

Her interest in responsible sourcing led Debra to artisanal mining communities deep in the East African bush where she made the life-changing decision to trust her vision and launch her own line of fine jewelry. Inspired by her Texas roots, Debra designs for the strong, modern, independent woman who chases her dreams with polish and grit.

Debra Navarro Collection - Gold and gem earrings and bracelet

Debra Collection


Jacquie Earle, veteran designer with more than 25 years of experience, has been creating her signature floating diamond jewelry since 2011 using laser technology. In partnership with longtime friend and experienced designer Michael Hezar, they launched Willow Diamonds, a name that embodies freedom of movement.

The duo demands uncompromising quality in materials and craftmanship, and they alloy gold responsibly. Willow Diamonds features a variety of fancy-shaped diamonds, laser pierced and joined with a proprietary, innovative platinum wiring. Free of traditional mounting, the diamonds move freely like willows in the wind with an ever-present and intense sparkle. The look is designed to be feminine, flirty and modern. Clients can add-a-diamond or trade up as time goes on to reflect every-changing lifestyles.

Debra Navarro Collection - Gold and gem earrings and bracelet

Willow Collection


As a combination of he and his wife’s first names, Arun and Ashita, Arunashi has come to symbolize the realization of the romance and creativity that inspires their work together. Arun is a natural-born jeweler, whose passion has run in his family for eight generations. Arun uses rare and magnificent colorful gemstones. Embodying all of the characteristics that a woman wants to feel, Arunashi’s designs are works of walking art that are both provocative and elegant. Each piece, a statement all its own.

Debra Navarro Collection - Gold and gem earrings and bracelet

Arunashi Collection


Sweta Jain, founder of Goshwara, has been working with gemstones since childhood, as she and her brothers willingly accompanied their father to the mines of Africa. As a purveyor of stones to the finest jewelry houses globally, the Jains kept the entire family involved.

Sweta become a certified pilot, artist and photographer, however, jewelry design stole her heart. She studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology and was inspired by the beautiful gems she experienced as a child.

“I love the idea of being able to create with gemstones; to mix the colors. I wear jewelry to show how I feel at that moment. My collection reflects that.”

The silhouettes Sweta has created coupled with the natural beauty of her gemstones, make her designs comparable to none.

Goshwara Jewelry Collection - Earrings & Necklace

Goshwara Collection


From diamond-setting, to award-winning manufacturing, to creating his own captivating designs today, Victor Velyan has both influenced and inspired those in the jewelry industry for more than 20 years. Velyan’s well-respected eye for gemstones and materials and his creativity for in-demand designs leaves an impression on everyone he meets.

Velyan is inspired by architecture, music, nature, travel, unique cultures, history and fine art, as well as his love for his second home, Africa. Velyan’s talent and vision, combined with his well-rounded knowledge of the jewelry industry, have placed him as a true innovator in today’s fashion-inspired jewelry world.

Goshwara Jewelry Collection - Earrings & Necklace

Victor Velyan Collection

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