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What We’re Craving in July | Best Grilling Accessories

best grilling tools and gadgets ICONIC LIFE

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Master the art of the bbq this summer with these the best grill gadgets and tools.

We all know summer is the best time of year for grilling, and with all of the delicious marinade recipes and grilling tips out there, it is the perfect time to show off your proverbial chops using some incredible grilling accessories.

Grilling can seem like equal parts art and science, and grill masters know to trust their intuition when it comes to making delicious meals on the barbecue. However, technology has enabled us to take some of the guesswork out of grilling—making our fave beef, chicken and fish dishes come out great every time.

Whether you are new to grilling or are a seasoned pro, some tips, tricks and BBQ gadgets can help you get the best results on your favorite meats and veggies.

Whether you are new to grilling or are a seasoned pro, some tips, tricks and BBQ gadgets can help you get the best results on your favorite meats and veggies.

best grilling gadget thermometer by Weber


WEBER | Bluetooth Grill Thermometer
This grilling meat thermometer comes highly recommended to us by Maggie Norris, owner of Whisked Away Cooking School. As she has taught us in a recent ICONIC Kitchen video with Maggie and our publisher, Renee Dee, you can’t just use any old meat thermometer on the grill; special high-temperature meat thermometers must be used to measure the heat over the open flame of the grill.

Grilling Tips by Maggie Norris of Whisked Away Cooking School

grilling tips by Maggie Norris

Bluetooth meat thermometers are especially great grilling tools; multiple prongs can be inserted to different items at once, and temperatures can be monitored via Bluetooth from indoors or outdoors. Extra tip: make sure you have a cooking mitt to remove the meat thermometers from your food!

best grill light gadget by Lumens


LUMENS | LED Grill Light
Although the sun shines longer during the summer, grilling dinner can be an activity that happens late in the evening. Keep your barbecue area well-lit with a barbecue light specially made to put a spotlight on your grill. Put away the phone flashlight and don’t worry about squinting at your dish to see if it’s done in the dim, outdoor ambient lighting. This light from Lumens is an elegant addition to any outdoor space, making it one of the best grilling accessories and ensuring a stylish and functional cooking experience!


best grill lighter gadget by Looflighter


LOOFTLIGHTER | Non-toxic grill lighter
Looking for a quick, easy, and even eco-friendly way to light your grill? Take a look at a cordless lighter, which heats air to an astounding 1,200 degrees in order to light any wood or charcoal grill. This cordless model by Looftlighter is convenient to take camping or just out to the backyard. There’s no lighter fluid needed, meaning no chemicals or fumes getting in the way of your delicious grilled food.

best grill cleaner gadget by Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma

GRAND GRILL DADDY | Grill Cleaning Brush
The worst part of grilling is the clean-up afterwards. A messy grill can be a pain to clean, especially if there is cooked-on food and sauces covering the grill. Cleaning your grill can be as simple as taking your leftover aluminum foil, balling it up, and scraping off excess food, as Norris suggests. However, you can go in for a deep clean with a grill cleaning brush, like this grill gadget that uses steam to clean off residue and grease. Get a sparkling clean metal grate in a snap with this easy-to-use cleaning brush.


best grill gadget salt plant by Umaid


UMAID | Salt Plank
Seasoning and marinating your items before grilling is essential, but did you know that you can also infuse flavors during the grilling process? Using fragrant woods like applewood and hickory to infuse flavors has been a popular technique for ages. You can also use a Himalayan salt plank to get an extra kick of salty flavor infused in your meats and veggies with a naturally occurring high mineral content. This beautiful board also makes for a great presentation when entertaining.

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