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Master Makeup with Makeup Artist Lisa Moore

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Your top makeup questions answered by professional Makeup Artist Lisa Moore.

Are you mystified by the latest TikTok makeup trends, winged eyeliner or smokey eye looks? For some, applying makeup and learning the newest techniques can be downright intimidating.

Knowing which products to apply and how to use them takes experience, practice and skill. That’s why we turned to the expert in all things beauty—Lisa Moore, professional makeup artist and personal stylist

Moore has over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry with a specialty in weddings, photoshoots, TV, film and celebrity and influencer makeup—including for the Arizona Cardinals cheerleaders. 

She has led beauty and styling lessons on several local news programs, including ABC15 Sonoran Living, 3TV Your Life Arizona, 12 News Arizona Midday and FOX 10 Phoenix, and her work has been featured in numerous magazine publications and bridal websites.

Lisa Moore

Lisa Moore

We asked Moore our burning questions about what it takes to complete a flawless makeup look:

ICONIC LIFE: How do you cut false eyelashes to fit your eyes?

LISA MOORE:“My favorite tip on cutting lashes is to cut them in half. Place the inside half first and start where your natural lashes are, don’t put them too far in the inner corner to avoid irritation. Take the second half and scissor them in to end where you lashes naturally end. This gives them a fuller effect on your eyes and helps them fit perfectly without over cutting.”



ICONIC LIFE: How do you do a smokey eye that doesn’t look too dark?

LISA MOORE: “Avoid using too dark of colors. Start with a neutral brown shade on the crease and a skin tone shade under the brow. Use draw dark brown or black eyeliner in the top lashes and smudge with a brush to create a smokey lash line. I recommend using brown on the bottom so it’s not too dark. 

I take a brown eyeliner and line it in the lash line on the bottom and then take a brush and smudge it so it is softer and more blurred out. This also helps open up the eyes without looking too heavy or dark.”


"I take a brown eyeliner and line it in the lash line on the bottom and then take a brush and smudge it so it is softer and more blurred out. This also helps open up the eyes without looking too heavy or dark.”

ICONIC LIFE: How do you get the perfect line on a red lipstick?

LISA MOORE: “To get a perfect line with a red lip, make sure your lips are hydrated and not dry. Put a little powder on your lips to make them more matte. Take your red lip pencil and put soft lines on the Cupid’s bow on your lips and then draw a small line on the bottom in the middle of your lips. After that, use your lip pencil to connect the spaces in between. 

I recommend starting on the lower corner and work your way up to your Cupid’s bow line you created, and then do the opposite on the other side. This helps create a more even red lip. Put less lipstick on to avoid bleeding. Using a lip brush definitely helps create a smoother finish.”

Red lipstick



ICONIC LIFE: How do I find the right shade of foundation?

Foundation makeup


LISA MOORE: “Finding the right shade of foundation is always hard for most women. I recommend going to an expert to find the perfect match for your skin tone and finish that you desire. Your foundation should match your skin tone perfectly—there are so many different options for foundation in the beauty world. 

I recommend having two shades and two finishes. That way, if you are out getting some sun you have a darker shade. Also, if you’re in between shades sometimes you have to mix them together to create the perfect match. 

A common mistake we make is going too heavy. I always say my foundation that I’m wearing that day depends on what shoes I’m wearing. 

When I’m dressed up for work, I need longer wearing or camera-ready makeup, so I wear more coverage and long wearing foundation. On my days off when I’m wearing flip-flops, sneakers or sandals, I wear more of a tinted moisturizer. Having different options with textures and finishes will help you have the perfect skin for all occasions.”

ICONIC LIFE: How do you blend your foundation with your neck?

LISA MOORE: “Our bodies are usually darker than our faces. Because we more often use sunscreen on our face and not always on our neck or body.

I recommend not going darker with your foundation to match your body. I recommend matching your skin tone with a foundation and using a bronzer to blend on your neck to match your body. Using bronzer will always help you have the perfect shade to match your body.”

ICONIC LIFE: Should my foundation and concealer be the same color or should my concealer be lighter?

LISA MOORE: “Foundation and concealer should only be the same shade if you’re putting it in multiple areas of your face. For the eye, I usually recommend going a shade lighter. If you have dark circles or pigmentation, there are color correctors you can use to combat that.”

ICONIC LIFE: Tips for perfect eyeliner application?



LISA MOORE: “My favorite tip to get the perfect eyeliner is to use a hand mirror. Look downward in the hand mirror so you can see the whole top of your eye. This helps you get a much smoother line and prevents you from pulling on your eyes. This also helps with liquid liner.”

ICONIC LIFE: Do I need to wear sunscreen if my makeup has SPF?

LISA MOORE: “I always recommend using a sunscreen with at least an SPF 30 or 50. Most foundations only have a SPF 15, 25 or 30, and those are great if you don’t spend any time in the sun. However, we work around computers and bright lights that also damage our skin. 

I have used SPF 50 every day since I was 18 underneath my foundation regardless of my foundation having sunscreen in it. Sunscreens have come a long way—there are a lot out there that are not too thick and don’t irritate the skin. Make sure you get a sunscreen that has broad-spectrum protection, which means it protects against both UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays are the ones that age you, while UVB rays are the ones that burn you. You want to protect your skin from both.”

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