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The Audiophile’s Dream: 7 Sensational Selections for the Best Audio Equipment

Sennheiser headphones best audio equipment


If you are the connoisseur who can discern the finest-sounding audio equipment, we rounded up the best for you here. And, just in time for gift-giving season.

Some people can hear it, and when they can…they love it, even obsess over it. Our ICONIC INSIDER Derek Dickey has been a self-professed audio/video geek for more than a decade and is himself obsessed with sourcing the finest audio equipment for like-minded audiophile clients who want the best sound in the world. Here he shares his recommendation; all have been personally tested and DD-approved.

The gorgeous cabinet design demands your attention while the sound will leave you speechless.

Paradign Persona B best audio equipment

Paradigm Persona B

For the ultimate hi-fi enthusiast, look no further than the Paradigm Persona B. Made with Pure Beryllium, the Persona lineup receives some of the highest praise in the audiophile world. The gorgeous cabinet design demands your attention while the sound will leave you speechless. And with 23 different colors to choose from, the Persona speaker can be crafted to fit any decor. Pair these with quality separates or an integrated amp (like the Anthem STR), then sit back and enjoy! $3,500 each.

This summer, I had the opportunity to tour the Revel headquarters in Southern California. Revel puts a tremendous amount of research and development into every single product, and it clearly shows. While conducting a blind listening test with three other speakers in the same price range, the M106’s won hands down during every song. I thought I was listening to full-range tower speakers! When the curtains were removed, I was amazed to see these little guys standing there! These are a great option for the audiophile enthusiast ready to take their set-up to the next level. $1,000 each.

Revel M106 best audio equipment

Revel M106

STR integrated amplifier best audio


Anthem is well-known for making some of the finest audio products on the market. Crafted in Canada, the STR integrated amplifier is a must have for the serious audiophile. Powered at 200W/400W/550W into 8/4/2 ohms, the STR is capable of driving just about any loudspeaker you want. However, the real secret sauce is Anthem’s proprietary room correction system, ARC. A sophisticated microphone system measures in-room responses for perfect sound. Pair this up with a set of Persona speakers, and you have a match made in heaven. $4,499 each.


Sanos Amp best audio equipment


The Sonos Amp is an update on the tried-and-true Connect Amp. A powerful class-D amplifier gives the unit an impressive 55 watts per channel…not too shabby considering the amps’ physical 8.5” x 8.5” footprint! So, don’t be afraid to go full beast mode on your favorite towers, bookshelves or in-ceiling speakers—this thing can handle them all. And the best part? The Sonos app is simple to setup and easy to use. The app gives you an endless amount of high-res content right at your fingertips. $599 each.

Tugging at the hearts of old-school audiophiles, the L100s are also finding refuge in today’s popular modern and retro designs.

JBL L100 best audio equipment


Coming at you straight from the 1970’s, the JBL L100 are a revamp on a cultural classic. While keeping the retro look intact, JBL updated the audio components for a high-res world. Sure, the L100 look like they are a vintage set of speakers, but don’t let that deceive you—these bad boys are packing a serious punch. Like all JBL products, the L100 went through extensive testing to ensure they met the demands of today’s audiophile industry. Tugging at the hearts of old-school audiophiles, the L100s are also finding refuge in today’s popular modern and retro designs. Pair these with a nice two-channel amplifier, quality DAC and let the Led Zeppelin rock! $2,000 each.

Love high-res audio but can’t take your home speakers with you? The Sennheiser Momentum 3 wireless headphones has you covered! With natural, lifelike sound, these headphones reproduce music exactly the way the artist intended. They are also feature-packed with native integration to your phone’s voice assistant, smart TILE technology, active noise cancelling and a comfortable leather head strap. Great for all ages, the Momentum 3 Wireless headphones are a must have for hi-fi audio on the go. $399.95 each.

Sennheiser Momentum 3 best audio equipment


Paradign Premier 200B audio equipment


Talk about getting a bang for your buck; the Paradigm Premier 200B knocks it out of the park! They are extremely affordable and can rival equivalent speakers costing two to three time more than these. Great for a dorm room, office or living room; the 200Bs are at home in any environment. High efficiency means they can be powered by just about anything, too. I enjoy pairing these with a Sonos Amp for the ultimate hi-fi set-up under $2,000. With great looks, great sound and a great price, the Paradigm 200B will surely not disappoint! $499 each.

This story produced in partnership with our friends at Artisan Systems. For attentive service purchasing any of this equipment, contact Derek Dickey at Artisan Systems.

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