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A Beautifully Transformed Mid-Century Home in Corstorphine, Edinburgh

Home in Corstorphine, Edinburgh Hero

AGORA Architects + Design

A 60-year home in Corstorphine, Scotland looks to America for design inspiration during a recent remodel.

Mid-century Modern design may have originated in America in the mid 20th century, but its popularity is both global and enduring. When a young family of four in Edinburgh, Scotland wanted to update their home to increase its functionality, they looked across the pond for design inspiration.

In the United States, their 1,200 sq. ft. 1960s terraced home in Corstorphine, an Edinburgh suburb, would be considered small for a growing family, so working with AGORA architecture + design to create a mid-century modern aesthetic focused on simplicity, functionality and clean lines was an ideal solution. 

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“With their two children now in school the clients wanted them to have their own bedrooms, which meant that the home office (previously in one of the three upstairs bedrooms) needed to be relocated,”Lorna Agorastos, Director of AGORA says. “They also wanted to create an open plan living / kitchen space so that they could be together as a family more.”

Home in Corstorphine, Edinburgh kitchen and dining area

Reimagining the Space

The small home in Corstorphine, Edinburgh had previously been enlarged, but while it gained needed space, the extension resulted in a long, narrow kitchen that was separated from the main living area and the garden. The fragmented spaces meant that the family was often in different rooms; one making dinner, one doing homework or one watching TV. The goal with the redesign was to open  the downstairs by creating an open plan with a mixed kitchen and living space. 

“The solution was to create an L shaped living space, oriented towards the back garden,” Agorastos explains. “Walls to the old kitchen and hall were removed to open the space, and the windows and doors were altered to maximize light and garden connections.”

A home office for the work-from-home client was imperative to have in the Corstorphine, Edinburgh home. The solution was to take space from the former long kitchen and create a new room that would serve as a study and spare guest room. 

Kitchen Aid

During the remodel, it became obvious that a key element for the kitchen space would be to remove the typical clutter caused by countertop appliances and equipment. With the new open space plan, the clients felt a cleaner look was necessary for their Corstorphine, Edinburgh home.

“The clients felt it wouldn’t be a relaxing environment if kitchen equipment and appliances were on display,” Agorastos says. “We therefore aimed to hide as much as possible. We treated the kitchen units as pieces of furniture rather than typical kitchen cabinetry. This then led to us proposing other minimal finishes such as flush skirtings and frameless doors.”

Working with Edinburgh kitchen manufacturer, Archispek, the team was able to create the minimalist, clean look the client was after. 

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“I consider the standout elements of the house to be the integration of the kitchen with the living space,” Agorastos says. “The bespoke bookshelf / window seat helps to connect the kitchen and living areas, as well as serving a practical function.  The minimal finishes throughout (concealed appliances within the kitchen, flush skirtings, frameless doors, transparent switches and sockets) all contribute to the calm, relaxing atmosphere.”

Environmentally Friendly

The clients originally wanted to install a woodburning stove for warmth in the harsh winters the Corstorphine, Edinburgh home would endure, and to add to the coziness of the home. However, after investigating the impact the stove would have on air quality, they opted for a bioethanol fireplace instead. 

In the kitchen, an electric cooktop was selected over gas for environmental reasons and highly efficient aluminum windows and doors were selected for their insulating properties throughout the Corstorphine, Edinburgh home.

The clients also installed an electric car charger in the garage as part of the remodel.

Interior Design

To evoke a sense of serenity and calmness, the clients went with a soft green and pink color scheme to accent the neutral furnishings and new light oak herringbone floor. 

Home in Corstorphine, Edinburgh color palette

“The resulting spaces are calm and relaxed, with enough room to accommodate large gatherings, while having more intimate spaces for cozy nights by the fire,” Agorastos explains. 

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