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Bayside Brilliance | A Breathtaking home in Coronado by Aria Design

Creative Director & Interior Designer: Aria Design.

Conceptual Architect: Horst Architects.

Executive Architect: Island Architects.

Builder: PCDI Homes.

Photography: Luca Prodi with Spearhead Media.


Coronado Home hero

Luca Prodi

This modern California home embodies the broad scope of innovation and creativity possible among designers and architects alike.

When standing in the great room of this magnificent 11,715-square-foot Coronado home, it’s hard to believe you are not on a secluded island. Surrounded by 180-degree views of the breathtaking waters of San Diego Bay, 3 The Point house offers a serene escape from the busy and lively atmosphere California is known for. 

Constructed in 2021, this Coronado home embodies the essence of luxury and opulence itself. There isn’t a room in the house that doesn’t open up to the dazzling bay. Complemented by contemporary interiors resembling the coastal terrain, plus private docks and state-of-the-art amenities, the 3 The Point home is a spectacular enclave in the community. 

The unobstructed views of the bay aren’t the only impressive aspect of the Coronado residence. Its design pushes the boundaries, revealing that anything is possible.

Exterior shot of Coronado home

“The home itself is a masterpiece of modern design,” Arianna Noppenberger, interior designer and creative director of the 3 The Point home, says. “Using clean lines and expansive floor-to-ceiling windows, we wanted to juxtapose an organic shape on one side and a very linear shape on the street side. What faces the bay is organic, and what faces the street is minimalist and linear. We created a space with panoramic views encompassing the water, Coronado Bridge, and San Diego’s skyline.”

Birdseye view of Coronado home

The side of the house facing the bay directly reflects the fluidity of the water surrounding it. With organic curved walls and floor-to-ceiling windows lining the entirety of the ground floor, the coastal terrain amalgamates seamlessly into the interior, creating a haven for elevated entertaining. 

“I started working on the project from inception through its completion,” Arianna says. “I oversaw every detail from the beginning to the end of the construction, inside and out, including landscape material selection.”


Coronado Home rooftop

The result is a one-of-a-kind Coronado home that boasts unique features such as a rooftop deck spanning the house’s surface area and offering panoramic views of the Coronado Bridge and the Pacific Ocean in every direction. A luxurious infinity pool, a spa, a state-of-the-art home theater and a putting green transform this home into the ultimate entertainment hub for its owners and guests.

Coronado home entry way

Building this Coronado house came with its fair share of obstacles. “The main challenge was the structure of the rooftop. It holds a cantilevered rooftop pool over the primary bedroom patio,” Arianna explains. “The structure is all steel. The amount of steel incorporated in the home is unbelievable.” 

Coronado Home kitchen

When you walk through the front entrance, you are immediately greeted by the horizon of Coronado Bay. The dark titanium travertine stone that accents the walls resembles the natural rock you would find as you walk along the coastline. 

“Titanium travertine is a natural stone from Italy that we imported,” the designer says. “We left it unfilled and ungrouted to give the wall lots of texture that mimics what you would find on the beach.” The travertine walls are incorporated throughout the home, further promoting the native landscape to the interiors and acting as a grounding element on the base level.

The obvious showstopper of the entry is the beautiful steel statement staircase. Manufactured in Oregon, the stairs were so grand that they had to be transported in pieces to Coronado and welded on-site. The cladded limestone steps and glass railing add a sleek element and bring the fluidity of the exterior into the interior. 

Coronado Home chandelier

The large kitchen island is made from a favorite of the designer’s, a porcelain countertop resembling gold Calacatta stone. “The good thing about large porcelain countertops is that they are not porous. There is nothing you can do to ruin them, unlike natural stone countertops,” she explains. 

Every aspect of the interior is articulated to make you feel at one with the ocean. The hanging chandeliers in the dining room and kitchen emulate the surfacing of air bubbles from the sea. In contrast, the furnishings’ neutral color palette mimics the sandy color and texture of the beach. 


coronado home kids bathroom

Each room prompts views of bay vistas for miles, connecting the house with a shared experience regardless of where you stand within the floor plan. “The feeling is that you are connected to the water from every room,” Arianna says. 


Coronado home bedroom

The Coronado house is a backdrop to the natural beauty of the water surrounding it. “I chose a warm neutral palette as the surrounding blue water becomes the home’s color,” she points out.

It is easy to find yourself lost in the picturesque views and the house itself. With seven bedrooms and accompanying balconies, 11 bathrooms, two staircases, two kitchens and an elevator, this estate is not tight on space accommodation. “It is a very open floor plan, and every space connects. They all visually play together harmoniously,” Arianna says.

Coronado Home game room

Equipped with the newest smart home automation technology and high-quality materials like titanium travertine stone from CoorItalia, 3 The Point home is a testament to elevated modern luxury in every facet. 

If you have fallen in love with this spectacular home, it is for sale with Ericca Woodruff, Steve Games and Hahn Games at Coldwell Banker Assoc. Brokers Realty, Coldwell Banker West. 

Arianna orchestrated and designed a showstopper of a home in Coronado and created a sanctuary for a family to establish core memories for years to come. 

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