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Drewett Works Redefines Architectural Excellence with Award-Winning Luxury Custom Home Designs

Drewett Works AZ custom home builder

Dino Tonn / Now and Zen

The luxury housing and hospitality markets are booming, and clients desiring the best of the best for their luxury homes are putting their faith in custom home builder and architect C.P. Drewett.

What makes great architecture? Industrialist J. Irwin Miller—a patron of Modern architecture—once said: “It is the solving of a concrete problem. It is the free expression of the architect himself. And it is an inspired and intuitive expression of the client.” He also added that “mediocrity is expensive,” meaning working with an experienced architect is worth its weight in gold.

“mediocrity is expensive,” meaning working with an experienced architect is worth its weight in gold.

“mediocrity is expensive,” meaning working with an experienced architect is worth its weight in gold.

Jeff Zaruba / The Crusader

So, what makes a great architect? While creativity, resourcefulness, a passion for design, technical savvy, and the ability to collaborate and listen are all fundamental traits, essentially, a great architect is someone who can take all of the variables and create something functional, timeless and beautiful. It is the architect, in other words, who brings the magic.

Veteran architect C.P. Drewett, founder of Scottsdale-based Drewett Works, which specializes in luxury homes, hospitality and boutique commercial projects, knows a thing or two about good design, as he has been honing his craft for the past 28 years. And what he’s accomplished is significant, garnering one industry award after another. “I am always trying to push the edge and break the mold of what I’ve already done,” he remarks. “I am always battling against myself to do better.”

Drewett attributes his success to a re-scripting of his business. “I decided to move in the direction of modern yet organic design that is also elegant in its materials use,” he remarks. “It’s about using a more carefully curated collection of materials so that all of the spaces connect.” And these designs are not only bringing him recognition within the industry, but prospective clients are also taking notice.


modern luxury living custom home builder Drewett

Werner Segarra / Ebony and Ivory

“The idea of working with an accomplished architect helps inspire confidence. My clients are counting on my knowledge and leadership,” says Drewett. “There is a certain financial and emotional risk that comes with investing in building a home, and my clients want someone they can trust and who will keep them in the know, allowing them to make good decisions.” All one has to do is look at his work to see how good he truly is.
In June of 2021, Drewett Works was honored with eight Gold Nugget Awards at a virtual awards ceremony presented by the Pacific Coast Builders Conference. Considered one of the most prestigious design events in the nation, it celebrates innovation in design, planning and building. Drewett Works garnered two Grand Awards and six Merit Awards from nearly 600 entries received throughout the U.S. and internationally.

“For everyone, Gold Nugget is the place to take inspiration from achievements that range from a jewel box custom home to lavish destination environments to affordable housing to intricate infill neighborhoods and leading-edge prototypes,” says Lisa Parrish, judging chair and Gold Nugget ceremonies administrator. “And while entering is easy, winning is hard, so whether it’s the first time or 58th in the Gold Nugget spotlight, taking a merit or grand is undeniably sweet.”

custom luxury home builder Drewett Works

Werner Segarra / Ebony and Ivory

Drewett Works scored big with three-time Gold Nugget winner Ebony and Ivory, earning the firm two Grand Awards for Best Interior Design of a Custom or One-of-a-Kind Home, and Best Indoor/Outdoor Lifestyle for a Home, along with a Merit award for Best Custom Home Over 8,000 square feet. Nestled in a box canyon in Paradise Valley, Ariz., this exquisite mountainside residence “is a marriage of light and dark that combines classic design aesthetics with modernist design principles,” notes Drewett.

Blurring the line between inside and out, the 12,317-square-foot residence is a study in glass and stone with pocketing glass doors and walls of limestone serving as key elements. “It’s remarkable the way C.P. was able to accentuate the views of some of the Valley’s most iconic mountains based on the placement of our house,” says the homeowner. The project team included Bedrock Developers, and Mara Interior Design.

Drewett Works custom home builder AZ

Dino Tonn / Now and Zen

Two-time award winner Now and Zen—Best Home-Work Space and Best Interior Design of a Custom or One-of-a-Kind Home—afforded a second life to a stucco McMansion in Paradise Valley, Ariz., as it was transformed into a modernist zen-like retreat. This extraordinary home utilizes a refined palette of materials that includes leather-textured limestone walls, honed limestone floors, plus Douglas fir ceilings.
When the sun goes down and the lights go on, the house comes to life, with expansive frameworks of glass revealing the restful interiors and impressive mountain views beyond. The project team included Brimley Development, and Ownby Design.

modern custom home design by Drewett Works

Dino Tonn / The Village at Seven Desert Mountain

Drewett Works created a modernist design with a rugged material palette for The Model Home at The Village at Seven Desert Mountain in north Scottsdale. Achieving a Merit Award for Best Single Family Detached Home Over 4,500 square feet, its design lends itself to the rugged desert setting. The residence features a “19th Hole” basement entertainment zone complete with indoor golf simulator, glass-enclosed collector car showroom, theater and tequila bar.
“The unique combination of architectural design that takes advantage of an extraordinary setting, and which incorporates a memorable selection of natural materials, colors and textures, makes it worthy of the honors it has received,” says Lindsay Cullum-Colwell, managing principal at Cullum Homes. The project team included Cullum Homes, Ownby Design and Greey | Pickett.


desert luxury custom home by Drewett Works

Jeff Zaruba / Razor’s Edge

Boasting views of four prominent topographical features captured through the home’s razor-like folding forms, Razor’s Edge earned a Merit Award for Best Custom Home 4,000 to 6,000 square feet. Light wing-like plaster forms soar above the desert floor and defy gravity, notes Drewett, who says it was a very complex site to work on. Filled with an abundance of light, the house was carefully placed to manage the harsh desert sun.
“C.P. took the time to understand our lifestyle and he captured the picture-perfect views of the mountains,” says homeowner Stacy Fornara. “The end result was a more beautiful house than we ever could have imagined. My neighbors thank us regularly for building such a beautiful home.” The project team included Bedbrock Developers, and Holly Wright Design.

Winning a Merit Award for Best Custom Home Over 8,000 square feet, the home’s angled roof lines appear to hover over the landscape.

modern desert custom home builder Drewett Works

Jeff Zaruba / The Crusader

An F8 Crusader plane with wings folded on a carrier deck was Drewett’s inspiration for The Crusader, a striking residence in Scottsdale. “My father flew that plane while serving in the Marine Corps,” remarks the architect, who himself spent 14 years in the Louisiana Army National Guard. Winning a Merit Award for Best Custom Home Over 8,000 square feet, the home’s angled roof lines appear to hover over the landscape. The project team included Peak Ventures, Ownby Design, and High Desert Designs.

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