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Art d’Core Gala 2024: PANORAMA at Phoenix Art Museum

Photos courtesy of Artlink

Art d'Core Gala 2023 Hero

Artwork by Peter Deise, 2023 Art d'Core Gala, courtesy of Artlink

The art event to go to this year, Art d’Core Gala 2024, P A N O R A M A presented by Artlink.

As the spring event season is beginning to peak, there are so many things to do and immerse yourself in. One such event is the Art d’Core Gala, a non-traditional gala at the Phoenix Art Museum on March 16th that celebrates artists in all forms: music, cuisine, painting, sculptures, etc. Known as the arts and culture party of the year, the Art d’Core Gala is the highlight of Art Detour’s month-long celebration of artists across the state. 

“Art Detour is the genesis of what Artlink is,” Oscar de las Salas Artlink Board Chairman says. “Every artist in Arizona  is encouraged and invited to express themselves during this month to highlight the world of arts in our community.” 

Artlink is a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting local artists to businesses and showcasing their work to the community. Established in 1989, Artlink is responsible for putting on major events that help bring culture and art awareness to the public such as, Art Detour– a self-guided tour of multiple art galleries– and First Fridays– an event that allows local artists and vendors to display their work and businesses on the streets of Phoenix for people to enjoy on the first Friday of every month.


The theme for the 11 th Annual Art d’Core Gala is: P A N O R A M A, celebrating the 360 view that Arizona’s creative community brings to a colorful life. From the stunning visual displays to the exhilarating performances and the culinary delights, guests will be enveloped in the expanse of art in motion and celebrate those who contribute to Arizona’s creativity, community and economy.

Guy looking at Art at the Art 'Core Gala in 2023

Artwork by Kenaim Al-Shatti and Farnaz Mansouri, 2023 Art d'Core Gala

“The Art d’Core Gala is the event that shines light on our entire mission within one space and a few hours,” Catrina Kahler President and CEO of Artlink says. “It is the living version of our mission. I think our celebration would not be what it is without every contingency of the arts and culture ecosystem, and they are here with us.” 

Every year, the artist council members select artists to collaborate with and create an installation and present something new and exciting to the community. 

“The artist council select artists to collaborate on an installation that will be presented at the gala,” Salas explains. “ Their collaborations are quite interesting because sometimes two artists are completely different and what they create is very unique, creative and impressive that only happens once.” 


Catrina Kahler and Oscar de Las Salas talking at Art d'Core Gala in 2023

Artlink President & CEO Catrina Kahler and Board Chairman Oscar de las Salas, 2023 Art d'Core Gala

Culinary experiences will also be available via chefs like: Adam Allison of Handlebar Diner, Tom Baumbach of Tom & Lin Catering, Devan Cunningham of CC’s on Central, Micki Hudsen of Kaizen along with others. 

This year’s gala will be recognizing four art leaders in the community who are pioneers in their field and embody the characteristics of exemplary leadership, grace, sophistication and passion. They serve as true role models in our community, this year’s art leaders are: Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego, Owner of Bentley Gallery Bentley Calverley, Associate Vice President at Arizona State University Rick Naimark and Honorary Commander Doris Ong.

Exhibiting artists of the 2023 Art d'Core Gala


This exciting event acts as the gathering place for people of all backgrounds, professions, ages, etc. to connect with one another through the beauty and creativity of art

“The gala is a party!” Kahler explains. “ We really want to encourage circulation throughout the space so people can appreciate the artwork that debuts there.” 

“This is an opportunity to have that unique party that everyone asks for,” Salas adds.

Artwork by Diana Calderon and Lauren Lee, 2023 Art d'Core Gala

For more information about the event and to purchase tickets please visit the Artlink website. 

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