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Hermes Apple Air tag ICONIC Craves


We’ve all been there—running late and searching for your house or car keys, certain you left them on the kitchen counter. Or, perhaps you’ve misplaced a bag or a wallet. No matter what it is, avoid that moment of panic when you can’t find an important item using the power of your iPhone.

For those who are prone to misplacing important items, the new Apple AirTag is for you. These little discs are easy to attach to your prized possessions and show up on your “Find My” app to easily locate your lost item, no matter where you are.

Easily secure the tag to items like your luggage so you can easily pull up the location, if ever there is an issue with lost luggage at the airport. You can AirTag your dog’s collar so you can always find your furry friend if lost on a hike or outdoor trip.

For those who are prone to misplacing important items, the new Apple AirTag is for you.

What happens if you come across a lost or stolen item? Simply tap any iPhone to the AirTag to pull up the contact information of the tag’s owner, making it super simple to return found items. Bluetooth technology and a built-in speaker offer easy solutions to find your most important everyday items near or far.

Luxury French fashion house Hermès has teamed up with Apple to create beautiful bag tags, luggage tags and keychains handcrafted from the brand’s signature range of Italian leathers and fine metals that are classic Hermès style.

Technology and fashion come together in this ICONIC partnership between two top luxury brands. Deck out your favorite items in style with the classic rich, buttery-soft leathers that the brand has been known for. Its keychain, luggage tag and handbag charm are glamorous and perfect for any fashionista.

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