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A Choice Cut: The Best of American Wagyu Beef

best American Wagyu beef at Genesee Valley Ranch

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The best Wagyu beef, like the ideal suit, is only as good as its makers—and this ranch is grade-a above the rest.

There is nothing quite like the feel of a suit that was designed with your body in mind. The fabric of a garment, its origins, and its production process, like Indochino’s custom-designed suits, all dictate the end result—and it’s easy to tell when you’ve found the perfect fit. For Wagyu beef lovers, the palate experiences such bliss when the meat makes your mouth water just thinking about it, and how it’s produced—from pasture to plate—is of the utmost importance. That process makes all the difference in the world. The American Wagyu beef at Genesee Valley Ranch is an exemplary result of product development on par with a work ethic that is tireless. And their dedication to quality ingredients means their meat is sourced and maintained with incomparable care.

The historic and pristine landscape is described as the “Napa Valley for exquisite beef.

Best Wagyu Cattle at Genesee Valley Ranch

David Leland Hyde

Situated in the center of legendary California’s Gold Country, the Genesee Valley Ranch is nestled within the Plumas National Forest along the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The historic and pristine landscape is described as the “Napa Valley for exquisite beef,” and for good reason.

The combination of an abundant water supply, high elevation, and sheltered surroundings creates an extraordinary property on which to raise and care for the most superior cattle in the world, resulting in the production of 100% American purebred Black Wagyu beef. This parallel of wine and beef doesn’t end there.

American Wagyu beef from Genesee Valley Ranch

David Leland Hyde

The Genesee Valley Ranch owners, Julio and Amalia Palmaz, both hail from Argentinian ranching families where pasture-raised, grass-fed animals are embraced as the norm—not the exception. The ranch is the realization of the Palmaz family’s intention to return to their roots by transforming a forgotten valley in the Sierra’s with the heritage and values they grew up with in Argentina.

Already renowned for their winemaking expertise in Napa Valley with Palmaz Vineyards, two generations of the family have expanded their innovation and invention into revitalizing their very own cattle ranch to craft some of the best American Wagyu beef.


Wagyu beef ribs at Genesee Valley Ranch

Throughout each season of the year, the customized care of the Genesee Valley Ranch’s 400 purebred Wagyu cattle herd—which are raised on a diet of organically grown, diversified grass pastures—is led by ranch manager, Michele Haskins.

Haskins, who hails from a fifth generation ranching family, practices and values a commitment to raising food she feels good about. To ensure that the cows under her care are thriving, she focuses on humane animal husbandry and sustainability, which are attributes that should always be looked at when sourcing your own meats, as this is beneficial for both the animals and the environment.

To craft their American Wagyu beef, Haskins makes sure every field is rotated with a variety of native grasses so that the land, as well as the cattle, will reap the most benefits from a management program in tune with the environment. Maintaining a respect for the land and being able to anticipate the herd’s needs in a holistic manner, are top priorities for Haskins and the Palmaz family.

Genesee Valley Ranch owned by The Palmaz Family

David Leland Hyde

With the support of the Palmaz family, Haskins seamlessly combines traditional ranching practices with 21st-century technology. Agricultural practices at the Genesee Valley Ranch have been optimized with ultra-sound to monitor for marbling, and aerial imagery to enhance field rotation, water usage, and harmful weed management.

The result is luxurious and humanely nurtured beef of outstanding quality that succinctly combines luxury and sustainability and is definitively different from other commercially raised counterparts. And that is the way American Wagyu beef should be raised.

Wagyu and Wine at Genesee Valley Ranch

As with most premium products, the quality reflects the quantity. At Genesee Valley Ranch this is just the case and why only a small contingent of customers can purchase their beef each year. These lucky few are select members of the Brasas Food and Wine Society.

The membership offers subscribers the opportunity to experience the Palmaz family’s passion for amazing food and wine offering subscribers a bi-monthly shipment of a complete 1/6th of a cow in simple-to-store, eight to 10 conveniently portioned packages. Unlike many luxury food goods, no part of the animal has been wasted because responsible indulgence is of critical importance to the Palmaz family.


You will also learn more about butchery and explore different cultures approach to cooking with the most coveted, sustainably-raised and responsibly-sourced beef in the world.

American Wagyu beef grilled burgers

As advocates of home-delivery food services, we love this feature that brings a variety of prime cuts right to your door. They each include corresponding descriptions of each cut’s origins, including recipes and suggested wine pairings. Your refrigerator won’t just be stocked with the best American Wagyu beef—you will also learn more about butchery and explore different cultures approach to cooking with the most coveted, sustainably-raised and responsibly-sourced beef in the world.

Each shipment is priced at $350 and comes in seasonal assortments including their Winter and Spring Assorted Beef Boxes; the Summer and Late Summer Grill Boxes; the Fall Assorted Roasting Box and the Holiday Entertaining Steak Box.

best Wagyu beef from Genesee Valley Ranch

David Leland Hyde

As with the most cherished family traditions, the next generation of the Palmaz family is currently taking the lead by continuing to revitalize the cattle operation at the Genesee Valley Ranch while enhancing its holdings with the Genesee Store, a former stagecoach stop and restaurant.

The store, along with their celebrated American Wagyu beef, has become a popular destination and local resource for residents of the community as well as intrepid travelers. It’s well worth a visit to indulge in the lavish bounty of the area and to take in the spectacular scenery that offers a wealth of breathtaking views among lush and awe-inspiring surroundings. For those eager to join Brasas Food and Wine Society now, you can sign on for 2020 subscriptions online through Genesee Valley Ranch.

Genesee Valley Store Wagyu beef sausage and eggs

Beer, beef, and books are the three B’s that make up the exceptional offerings at the Genesee Store. Coupled with top-notch service, the cozy restaurant honors more than 150 years of hospitality supporting the Genesee Valley.

The inspired country fare—cuisine that highlights Northern California’s farming heritage—aims to please locals and visitors alike in relaxing surroundings that put everyone at ease. A commitment to area agricultural products is apparent on the menu, which is designed around local suppliers of artisans, community farmers, and ranchers to showcase their high-quality ingredients that inspire the store’s culinary ambitions.

the best American Wagyu beef burger at Genesee Valley

In addition to 100% grass-fed American Wagyu beef from the Genesee Valley Ranch, garden-grown heirloom fruits and vegetables from the Palmaz Vineyards in Napa Valley are also featured in weekly dishes as well as lavender from the Indian Valley Lavender Co. in Taylorsville (a star ingredient in the restaurant’s celebrated Schramel Lavender Lemonade); sustainably farmed, family-owned Massa Natural Meats from Glenn; regional herbs and more.

Genesee Valley Ranch store and restaurant

David Leland Hyde

Creating inviting meals in a comfortable space is what continues to bring family and friends to the table together at the Genesee Store. Additionally, a wide assortment of reasonably-priced used, rare, and out-of-print books are available for purchase. The eclectic range of previously owned, lightly worn books caters to both young and old and features classic favorites plus more obscure titles.

The store has a partnership in place with one of the largest used book dealers in Northern California and has access to more than 140,000 titles in Sonoma, so if readers are searching for a particular book that is not onsite, it can be ordered quickly.

The Genesee Store is deeply rooted in the history of California’s Gold Country and was founded in 1862 by Edwin D. Hosselkus of Genesee, New York. When he arrived in the valley, he christened it his namesake, began ranching, and established his mercantile business.

The Genesee Store became one of the area’s most common stagecoach stops, and everything from supplies to mail would make its way through the historic central building. Today, under the leadership of the Palmaz family, the spot has been restored to its former glory and future prospects are looking brighter than ever.

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