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Alfonso Verduzco: Redefining Furniture Design with Karbón Collection

Photography courtesy of Alfonso Verduzco Design

Alfonso Verduzco Chair
Introducing the Karbón Collection designed by the esteemed Alfonso Verduzco.

One designer is taking the industry by storm, and his ambition, passion, boundary-pushing creativity and meticulous craftsmanship shine through in his work. His name is Alfonso Verduzco

Verduzco graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with a degree in environmental design. He quickly realized that his true passion lay in shaping interior spaces and began a career in the cabinetry industry.

“I kicked off my design journey as a design assistant at a company that specialized in importing high-end cabinetry and wall systems from Europe,” Verduzco recalls. “In no time, I stepped up as the lead designer, handling everything from A to Z, from small-scale renovations to full-blown new builds. 

After wrapping up approximately 60 projects nationwide, he hit a point where he knew he needed a new challenge. “That’s when I stumbled upon Studio Como in Denver—a showroom filled with the finest Italian furniture brands all under one roof,” he says. “They were seeking a designer to spearhead their cabinetry department, focusing on none other than Poliform from Italy.” 


Within a year, Verduzco assumed the role of lead designer for Poliform, expanding his responsibilities to include projects not only in Aspen but also in Denver, Boulder, Jackson Hole, Wyo., and Bozeman, Mont.

While Verduzco found great success in the high-end cabinetry business, he yearned for more, and the idea of one day owning his own design business was planted. His determination to achieve this dream did not waver, and he began working on projects that brought culture and a fresh perspective to the design scene. Verduzco established Alfonso Verduzco Design in 2021.

“I want to leave a legacy and make a positive impact, not just for me and my family, but for everyone involved in my collections,” Verduzco remarks. “I felt a deep calling to celebrate my heritage, culture, and the remarkable talent we have in Mexico through my work.

Alfonso Verduzco Table

“Mexico is bursting with creativity and skilled artisans, and I was excited to find new ways to showcase our craftsmanship,” he continues. “Bringing traditional techniques to the high-end design world was challenging, but I was determined to do it in a way that felt authentic yet sophisticated and elegant.”

Enter the Karbón Collection. A bold and visionary offering that’s set to redefine contemporary furniture design. Crafted with precision and passion, Karbón pieces are all about sleek lines, minimalist vibes, and top-notch materials. From solid charred wood and luxurious leather to sleek metal accents, each item in this collection is about craftsmanship and style. 

“Karbón Collection draws from my exposure to high-end luxury brands and the innovative designs I encountered during my training in Europe,” Verduzco says. “The inspiration behind the furniture collection draws from the intricate architectural details of pre-Hispanic structures in Mexico and historic buildings in Italy.” 

He explains that this fusion of influences, combined with the concept of design originating from a grid system, forms the foundation of each piece. “It’s a marriage of tradition and modern design principles, resulting in a collection that resonates with heritage and contemporary sensibilities.” 

Alfonso Verduzco Coffee Table

Karbón is the first collection where Verduzco focuses on clean lines and the geometric forms of his pieces. Using charred wood as a primary material is a first for Verduzco and adds a distinctive touch, blending modernity with natural texture. “Overall, Karbón represents an evolution of my design approach,” he says. 


The collection comprises six pieces, all manufactured with precision and care by Solido—one of Arizona’s top custom furniture manufacturers.

Using solid wood and employing the ancient technique of Shou Sugi Ban to char the wood creates a sense of authenticity and quality. This technique not only enhances the durability of the wood but also imbues it with a rich, deep blackened hue, adding a unique aesthetic to each piece.

ICONIC Design Award-winning black tiles from Verduzco’s previous collection, Raíces Black Collection are also featured in the work, emphasizing the fusion of heritage and modernity. Using high-end European leathers, clay tiles, charred woods, and metal components produces more than just furniture; it produces works of art. 

“Karbón has revealed to me that designing is not just a career—it’s my true calling and source of fulfillment. My journey, including my time in Milan, has affirmed that my dreams are attainable with dedication and faith in God’s guidance,” Verduzco says. 

“This collection embodies more than mere furniture. It symbolizes my unwavering commitment to pursuing my dreams while staying grounded in faith and humbleness,” he adds. “And I’m excited for the journey ahead, knowing that this is only the beginning of what God has in store for me.”

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