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Luxury Tiles Unlike Any Other By High-End Designer Alfonso Verduzco

High-end designer Alfonso Verduzco’s luxury tile process will have you floored.

It all began with a vision of something different—a luxury tile unlike any other. High-end designer Alfonso Verduzco wanted to create something truly extraordinary, something that would stand out from the competitors and provide the best results for his clients.

“I didn’t know that I wanted to design tiles at first,” Verduzco says. “Based on my experience with high-end designs around the country, in all these projects the focus was kitchens, beautiful kitchens or furniture, but the focus was not the walls. I never saw a tile treatment on a wall that was more than just the tile.”

And so, he began his quest for the perfect material and processes.

Drawing on centuries of traditional tile-making techniques, Verduzco scoured the globe only to discover the finest materials were right at home. 

“I knew there was one place about an hour and a half outside Oaxaca City, just didn’t know where it was,” he says. “I wanted to work with Mexican artisans, because I knew they could get my vision and I wanted to keep traditions alive.”

Originating from Mexico in a small town outside of Oaxaca, Verduzco knew he wanted his work not just to serve high-end design, but represent who he is through modern art. Even though he found the place, it was a long process to create the collection he had in mind. Because what he had in mind had never been done before.

“The techniques I sent, they had never seen before. When I show it to people and they grab the tile, they think I’ve never seen that and never would’ve thought of that,” Verduzco says.

After much refinement, Verduzco developed a tile that would go to live in high-end design places like Paris, France and eventually win awards.

Just what are these unique processes? They include things from his childhood. From the agave thorn to volcanic smoke, these luxury tiles include a rich story, art in its purest form.

“The tiles are very elegant, sophisticated looking, they don’t scream Mexico,” Verduzco says. “But, when I tell the story and show the videos, my clients begin to understand the art they’re installing in their powder bedroom, entry-way. When they truly understand besides getting something so beautiful and elegant, there is a story behind each tile that makes it so special to the client.”


To achieve a “Verduzco” style, everyday, ordinary materials are brought together in ways never before seen in tile-making. 

“I grew up seeing these objects. Some of the buildings are made with volcanic rock, some of the floors and places are made out of that,” Verduzco says. “I didn’t really notice because that was normal for me but now that I”ve been living here so long I look back to that material and it’s so beautiful and inspiring bc it’s me, it’s Mexico.”

There are currently five luxury tiles in this award-winning collection. Each name is in dialect from his home state and has a meaning for that specific tile. 



After polishing this beautiful tile, it’s hit with a mazorca, a corn cob, for a unique and one-of-a-kind design. When there are 300-400, or even one thousand tiles, it creates a beautiful texture that you don’t even realize are created from corn cobs.


The state of Oaxaca is home to some of the most famous active volcanoes in the world, such as the Popocatépetl and Iztaccihuatl. As a result, volcanic rock can be seen in buildings and flooring. These luxury tiles include actual pieces of volcanic rock from Oaxaca, carefully implemented to create a never-before-seen tile. 


This tile includes actual pieces of the akamba, or agave thorn. It can’t be any agave, however, to achieve the right texture and design, these plants have to age 10-15 years first. 



This might be the most minimalist design within the collection, but the process to achieve this look is far from simple. Rather than being painted, this clay has smoke transfused into it from an underground fire pit until it is fully blackened, then polished and refined.


Inspired by the Churi collection, this tile is coming soon and is about representing everyday objects from childhood. When heading to someone’s home for dinner, there weren’t the typical, fancy stoves in homes, but clay pots outside fire pits that would get smoke stains over time, from which Verduzco took inspiration. Using the same racota clay, this tile receives bits of transfused smoke from the underground pit to create a work of art. 

Verduzco’s enthusiasm for his work is infectious and his commitment to excellence has been the driving force behind his success. His luxury tiles are so popular among architects and high-end designers that they have become a symbol of luxury, quality, and craftsmanship. From grandiloquent foyers to vibrant kitchens, Verduzco’s tiles can bring any space to life with their unique beauty and timeless elegance. But his tiles aren’t just about creating a work of art, they are supporting the community he loves.

”My goal and my dream is to give back to the community,” Verduzco says. “My hope is, as I get involved in cool projects, I can help younger generations in this region of Mexico to learn these techniques and craftsmanship that mostly old people are working on because they’ve been passed generation after generation and build places where these children can continue these generations.”

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