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Peep These 4 Historic New York Buildings Remastered into High-Design Residences

Historic New York Buildings

Photo Courtesy of Meshberg Group

Step into designer Adam Meshberg’s posh lofts and townhouses —with the perfect amount of patina.

Exposed brick, steel tresses and knotted-wood beams are just a few of our favorite things from renovated buildings of the past. And New York City’s illustrious neighborhoods have these characteristic, historic properties in abundance. Some New York architects and designers are welcoming wood into their structures for sustainability and visual warmth inside residences while others collaborate with preservation consultants and structural engineers to sculpt new façades from these old buildings.

Architecture And Interior Design by Meshberg Group New York

Photo Courtesy of Meshberg Group

Adam Meshberg, founder and principal of the architecture and interior design firm Meshberg Group, is a widely known contributor of these projects by using his adaptive reuse style of design to transform landmark buildings, including 20th-Century factories, lofts and existing townhouses into often palatial and always posh contemporary spaces, giving them new life in the 21st Century. “We try to preserve these elements and celebrate them within our design as much as we possibly can,” he says. His award-winning loft conversion at 72 Berry Street in Williamsburg shows the integrity he carries into every adaptive reuse project, which includes repurposing original wood features and restoring red brick on the interiors. “We pride ourselves on preserving the building’s facades by mixing classic proportions with hints of modern pieces,” he describes.

Architects Meshberg Group New York - Living Room Dining Room

Photo Courtesy of Meshberg Group

Because sustainability is a key practice for him, all of his buildings are certified by the Green Building Council of New York, making them quantifiably less destructive on the environment. They are always looking for creative ways to utilize original materials like large wooden beams deconstructed into furniture and tin ceilings left intact. People come to Meshberg for these restorations because crafting a new space from an old one is a challenge to maintain the nostalgia and comforts of a previous era while modernizing the façade and interiors to be of quality and of comfort.

“Aesthetically, we try to blend old elements with modern amenities, which means large open kitchens and living spaces, smart home technology, custom lighting, and heating and cooling systems all controlled from an iPad,” he says. Sourcing local materials and appliances is another practice of his, so expect to find dark, pewter-finished plumbing fixtures from Brooklyn Gand medicine cabinets with a unique patina that are all made in Queens.

Here we round up four notable properties by the Meshberg Group that showcase his polished restorations, from swanky lofts in Tribeca to modern mixed-use spaces in Brooklyn.

475 Kent Avenue in Williamsburg - Foyer

Photo Courtesy of Meshberg Group

475 Kent Avenue in Williamsburg
“We reinvented an old matzo and pasta factory for its next life as a mixed-use residential development, while preserving its original details, history and industrial aesthetic,” Meshberg shares. Beginning this project was no easy feat as Adam faced the challenge of integrating expansive windows where the stores are set to be (where there were none previously) and creating entirely new entrances, all while imbuing the space with natural light. By designing large, grid-like windows on the front side of the building, passersby may feel a glamour resembling the shopping district on Fifth Avenue.

475 Kent Avenue in Williamsburg - Interior NYC

Photo Courtesy of Meshberg Group

The development, set to be completed in early 2020, is a corner building comprised of commercial space for storefronts, restaurants, as well as 110 residential units for those looking to live in a collaborative community where business intersects the day-to-day. Set in the trendy hub of Williamsburg, the dynamic building showcases the enticing renovations by Meshberg via the flamed black granite and steel detailing on the exterior giving it an edgy veneer. Meshberg tells us about the unique experience inhabitants will have, “the residential entrance’s blackened-steel and mesh-clad portal is carved out from an old blocked window bay, while the lobby’s columns remained with its original exposed concrete.” The lobby is a testament to Adam’s vision of grandeur with a steel fireplace, a faux moss plant wall, custom marble, and a welcoming white oak lobby desk all beneath the black metal exposed ceiling.

Individual residences, which are still in development will range from $2,750 to $5,000 per month, and if the façade is any indication of what is to come, we can hardly wait for its debut.

15 Jay Street in Tribeca NYC - Modern Bedroom

Photo Courtesy of Meshberg Group

15 Jay Street in Tribeca
Rooted in American craftsmanship and the use of local artisans, 15 Jay Street is an exemplary property symbolic of a time passed. Meshberg pieced this project together with careful execution in order to honor its roots that date back to the late 19th Century. “We created five boutique lofts in a landmark building from 1887 that required large-scale renovations to update the damaged brick and entryway.”

Meshberg Group - 15 Jay Street in Tribeca NYC - Bathroom

Photo Courtesy of Meshberg Group

“We took a look back at old tax photos to stitch the past together, working with the Landmarks Preservation Commission to get approval for all changes made. For this project, we transformed these two stories while maintaining the character of the old American manufacturing building by using American made materials.” By bringing locally-sourced materials into the space, such as Henrybuilt’s well-crafted kitchens from Seattle and Calacatta Lincoln marble from Colorado, the residences honor an American craftmanship reflecting the building’s past. white oak flooring connects the open-floor plans while restored white-washed brick adds a contemporary cool to living rooms. The building features one- and two-bedroom residences with expansive living spaces flooded with natural light and a nearly 3,000-square-foot penthouse duplex with three bedrooms and three private terraces, with units ranging from $4 million to $8 million. Meshberg focuses on bringing the buildings back to their prime, for example, with 15 Jay Street he kept the existing brick masonry walls that can be seen in the first-floor outdoor patio.

Meshberg Group - 15 Jay Street in Tribeca NYC - Kitchen

Photo Courtesy of Meshberg Group

Of course, only the best appliances and materials are used, like Wolf and SubZero kitchen amenities, and bathrooms fixed with custom pewter finishes, steam showers, and steel medicine cabinets by Arcana Metals. We personally can’t get enough of the ceiling-height steel window frames comprising entire walls, bringing an unparalleled luminescence indoors. By choosing knotted wood flooring with a beautiful fresh finish and decorative wood beams, the space replicates its past but with a bright up-date.

The residences at 15 Jay Street are slated for completion this year.

Meshberg Group - 15 Jay Street in Tribeca NYC - Living Room

Photo Courtesy of Meshberg Group

172 N. 10th in Williamsburg
These 14 luxury lofts (of which a handful are still available) are an excellent example of an adaptive reuse project that focuses on utilizing an entire building’s space to house as many people as possible with thoughtful use of space. Beyond the centuries-old red-brick exterior, one can find floor-to-ceiling marble and steel fireplaces with pre-war elements like exposed beams and brick, original wood detailing.

Meshberg Group - 172 N. 10th in Williamsburg NYC - Bathroom

Photo Courtesy of Meshberg Group

A notable feature of the building is the window placement that was kept in its original state, despite additions that include a renovated lobby, garage, and double-height residences at the front of the building. We can’t help but marvel at the original wood cornice with a fiberglass historic replica, seamlessly blending two time periods of striking design. “Our goal was to create modern luxury, while keeping the existing industrial bones of the building and restoring the original wood columns and timber beams, wherever possible; several residences feature parts of the original brick wall masonry and old cast iron hardware,” Meshberg tells us.

Meshberg Group - 172 N. 10th in Williamsburg NYC - Kitchen

Photo Courtesy of Meshberg Group

The south-facing rooms provide an impeccable light source that brings a modernity to the newly refurbished interiors. Elegance is found in the kitchens bedecked with Calacatta Gold counters, Wolf cook tops and dual ovens, and a stately island grounded in the center. Bathrooms are ensuite with sleek stall showers, soaking tubs, and marbled vanities. For a truly contemporary experience, residents can expect private elevators to the penthouses and iconic views of the Big Apple’s sparkling skyline.

There are presently four units for sale ranging from a studio space for $729,00 and a penthouse listed for $4.295 million.

Meshberg Group - 172 N. 10th in Williamsburg NYC - Kitchen

Photo by Garret Rowland, Courtesy of Meshberg Group

69 Gold Street (Vinegar Hill) in Brooklyn
A storied past at this Vinegar Hill property paints a picture of old liquor stores and café’s dating back to 1890. When Meshberg discovered this architectural gem in the densely-packed and diverse populous of Brooklyn, it was boarded up with plywood offering a mystique that his team was determined to uncover. Through research and talking with the local residents, Adam and his team pieced together the façade and rebuilt the space into a four-bedroom townhouse closely resembling its original aesthetic. One of the highlights of working with these older buildings is the unexpected discoveries buried beneath grizzles materials. Behind one of the walls that was opened up, we found a 200-year-old, cast iron column that held the beam above it. After scraping it clean, we decided we needed to leave this piece of history exposed for the residents,” Meshberg shares.

Meshberg Group - 69 Gold Street (Vinegar Hill) in Brooklyn New York - Living Room

Photo by Garret Rowland, Courtesy of Meshberg Group

As an homage to the original café, Meshberg set the kitchen and dining room in that same area of the space near the entryway. Mid-century classics and vintage furnishings accentuate the contemporary amenities inside. “Custom doors and moldings mixed with modern amenities and lighting, give a perfect balance of old and new throughout the house,” says Meshberg. An open riser wood and black steel staircase is poised in the center of the house, giving off an industrial feel balanced with neutral walls and exposed brick throughout. Our favorite hidden gems at Vinegar Hill are the roof-top deck overlooking the city and a two-story carriage house ideal for visitors or a cozy staycation for owners.

The privately-owned residence is a prime example of how a thoughtfully re-designed building can awaken to new life in this ever-evolving city.

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