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A Rare and Exquisite Avocado Goes by the Name Cal Flavor

Cal Flavor Hero image

Courtesy of Cal Flavor

This boutique brand of avocado boasts a delicious taste with an unseen creaminess.

In the heart of sunny California, where the coastal breeze mingles with the scent of citrus groves, lies the center of avocado excellence under the Cal Flavor brand. Renowned for its unparalleled quality, these avocados are more than just fruit—they are a testament to meticulous farming, rich tradition and a “deep-seeded” respect for the land and its bounty.

What sets Cal Flavor’s avocados apart from others is the dedication to superior farming practices and sustainability. Unlike avocados grown outside the United States, Cal Flavor avocados benefit from the state’s stringent agricultural standards. Ivan Munoz, Cal Flavor’s COO, explains, “Our growing practices are cleaner and always target sustainability. We’re not just growing a cash crop but cultivating something meaningful to California culture.”

Cal Flavor vineyard

Courtesy of Cal Flavor

Cal Flavor has deep roots in California agriculture. The company was founded in 1973 when Sam Perricone Sr. and Bob Witt began planting avocados in Pauma Valley and the surrounding areas of Eastern San Diego. They built the Cal Flavor packing house in the early 80’s as the fruit from their young trees ripened.  Since Cal Flavor’s foundation, the Cal Flavor packing house has only packed Perricone and Witt fruit, until this year.  


Cultivated with meticulous care, the Gem avocados are hand-picked at their peak, ensuring that they are fresh, smooth and delicious when they arrive at your table. Unlike imported avocados that may have been picked a month before reaching your local store, Cal Flavor avocados maintain a direct farm-to-table approach, often arriving within days of being harvested.

Gem avocado of cal flavor's

Courtesy of Cal Flavor

Cal Flavor avocados are nutritional powerhouses, rich in healthy monounsaturated fats and vitamins E, K, C and B6. They are also known for their buttery, nutty flavor and creamy texture, making them a staple in any health-conscious kitchen.

Cal Flavor is committed to making California-grown avocados stand out. Sammy Perricone, the brand’s creative force, emphasizes the importance of this distinction. “We want to differentiate between the avocados we grow here and those from other countries,” he says. “Our avocados are a specialty item of better quality and locally grown. We aim to make them look great and ensure that everything we put on the shelf is of the best quality. We want our consumers to be proud to serve our brand.”

The vibe of Cal Flavor is distinctly Californian—fresh, vibrant and authentic. The brand encapsulates the essence of California living, where the sun, the beaches and a passion for wholesome, delicious food are part of everyday life.

The brand’s commitment to sustainability and community is unwavering. Michael Perricone, who leads the brand from the farming operations side, highlights the challenges and triumphs of avocado farming in California. “Avocado farmers are passionate about what they do,” he explains. “They care deeply about the quality of their fruit and the sustainability of their practices. While we grow our avocados, we’re also here to support the farmers and ensure their hard work is recognized and rewarded by bringing them into the brand when their values match ours.”

Cal flavor avocados in bucket

Courtesy of Cal Flavor


Cal Flavor has big plans for the future. With a robust social media presence, engaging in trade shows, and launching new products like avocado oil and honey, the brand aims to stay in the spotlight, even during the off-season. The upcoming year promises an even larger crop, potentially doubling the company’s output and expanding its reach across the country.

As Sammy says, “We’re creating a brand that’s not just about avocados; it’s about a way of life. And we’re excited for what the future holds.”

So, the next time you’re at your local grocery store, look for the Cal Flavor display. These avocados are grown less than 70 miles from your kitchen table, ensuring you get the freshest, highest-quality fruit. Indulge in Cal Flavor avocados’ exclusivity and exceptional taste—your limited time to savor the season’s best. Make sure to look for the distinct Cal Flavor label.

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