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8 Health Gadgets We’re Coveting

8 Wellness Wonders We’re Coveting
Living a healthier lifestyle has never been easier. And thanks to these latest health gadgets, better health is right at your fingertips.
Hi Mirror skin measurement

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? With the HiMirror’s help, fairer skin is just a virtual consult away. This smart beauty mirror analyzes your skin and helps asses concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, clarity and more to help you achieve your skincare goals. The built-in tracking system will let you know if your skincare routine is working by recording your skin’s condition and progress. Other features of this health gadget include customized skincare tips and entertainment like music and video streaming.

Qardio Base 2 scale

Smart scales aren’t new health gadgets to the health tech market, but the new QardioBase2 is full of features we love. This wireless smart scale is sleek and gives measurements beyond just weight including your BMI and body composition breakdown (muscle, fat, water and bone.) Not a fan of numbers? Turn the feature off entirely and let smiley—or frowny—faces give you feedback on your goals. There’s also a pregnancy mode for expectant mamas to track their weekly progress.

La Roche Posay UV Sense

We all know the sun’s harmful UV rays can damage and age skin. But if you aren’t sure just how much sun exposure you’ve had, you’ll find La-Roche Posay’s new UV Sense handy. It’s less than two millimeters thick—small enough to be worn on your thumbnail—and measures your UV exposure. The battery-free device connects to an app which will give feedback as well as sun safety tips.

Stand Up! alert

Sitting down all day can lead to a host of health problems, but sometimes we get so focused on our work it’s hard to remember to get moving. Let the free Stand Up! app gently remind you with its flexible timer that interrupts your day to remind you to take a break and stand up!

Healthy Home Coach by Netatmo

Did you know that your indoor air quality can sometimes be worse than outdoors? Yikes! You can monitor your indoor air quality including temperature, humidity and even noise with the healthy home health gadget, Healthy Home Coach by Netatmo. This sleek little device doesn’t just monitor and measure, it also gives you advice for improving your environment and creating different profiles based on your goals, like improving the air in the nursery.

Peloton Tread

Peloton, the maker of the at-home spin cycle and perhaps one of the most popular health gadgets out there, has just released a treadmill that is just as lust-worthy as the bicycle. Peloton Tread is your very own at-home fitness studio with a range of classes beyond just running that include floor, walking and total body workouts. The studio atmosphere is energizing and it’s all viewable on the 32” HD touchscreen. Catch one of the 10+ live classes streamed daily or choose from the on-demand library. It’s a workout, your way.

WiFi Kill Switch

Have you ever turned your Wi-Fi off? Probably not. But doing so while you’re sleeping can cut down on the EMF radiation you’re exposed to. The easiest way to do so is with this handy Wi-Fi Kill Switch, which powers off everything in your home with the touch of a button. Better sleep for everyone is just a button away!

Felix Gray glasses

Blue light—emitted by TVs, computers and all of our beloved digital devices—may be disrupting our natural sleep cycles. In fact, a number of studies suggest that exposure to blue light too late in the day can alter our natural circadian rhythm, which has given rise to orange glasses that filter out this light. Most are quite unsightly, but Felix Gray has engineered eyewear that filters out the highest wavelength of blue light, while still being quite fashionable. Plus, wear can help reduce eye strain and headaches related to extended screen exposure.

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