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2024 Design Trends Unveiled: Insights from Top Designers of 2023

Peach fuzz couch


Unveiling the design trends that will shape your interiors in 2024. 

The dynamic world of interior design is constantly evolving, and 2024 welcomes new trends that redefine how we think about design aesthetics. As the world develops at an unprecedented rate, we have unlimited access to information, allowing for an endless sea of inspiration. Our home spaces have become a reflection of our lifestyles.

This year gives a warm welcome to neutral and soothing color palettes. In early January, PANTONE announced “Peach Fuzz” as the color of the year. This gentle pastel peach enriches your home while maintaining a feeling of warmth and upholding a level of elegance. Peach Fuzz pairs well with varying shades of brown and terra-cottas and will add a “pop element” to any space. 

But which 2024 design trends will dominate? We asked 3 of our top interior designers to provide us with their insight, and this is what they had to say: 

Sandra Vila | Sandra Vila Design House 


Piano in the home


Gone are the days of people looking to design their homes based on unpersonalized showroom layouts. As personalization takes the foreground in homes, people are leaning less towards a matching interior and more towards including pieces that represent who they are and what they like. 

“We can expect to see a continued enthusiasm for the value of craft and customization,” Vila says. “We have passed the pandemic-fueled drive to design rapidly and are looking for ways to maximize long-term value and personalization.”

Timeless Treasures 

Vintage furniture


Not everything beautiful is new; as people lean more into personal interiors, the amalgamation of antique and modern pieces is becoming popular in people’s homes. 

“Incorporating antique and vintage pieces into modern environments adds depth and connection to the past,” Vila explains. “Custom and one-of-a-kind pieces continue to exemplify individuality and uniqueness.” 

Tanya Shivley | Sesshu Design

Tech-infused homes

Gym and tech in the home

Sesshu Design

Smart home technology is dominating the industry right now. The convenience of having control of your home’s functionality and security at your fingertips will continue to be sought-after and a key design trend in 2024

“Technology is playing a larger role in functional health amenities in our homes,” Shivley explains. “I believe that will continue to expand. Many clients are putting in IR (infrared) Saunas, tech-enabled exercise equipment like Peloton, and even hyperbaric chambers for extreme recovery from health conditions and strenuous workouts.” 

Wellness In The Home 

Salt room in a private residence

Sesshu Design

Longevity is a trending topic in society today. People are more mindful of their health and wellness and are beginning to invest in amenities like cold plunges and saunas to take control of their health from the comfort of their homes. 

“Personal health and well-being will be front and center, with spaces dedicated to exercise, yoga, meditation, and creating a personal sanctuary. This trend extends to unique spaces like salt rooms for meditation,” Shivley says. 

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Kristin Hazen | Kristin Hazen Design 

Luxurious Materials 

Velvet couch


As people prioritize the quality of their products rather than the speed at which a product can be manufactured and delivered, some textiles and materials are beginning to reemerge into the industry. Utilizing these materials in interiors is starting to come back after a hiatus. 

“As traditional design is coming back around, so are materials that have disappeared for a while,” Hazen says. “An element of richness with velvets and crystal creates a dramatic nod to glamor. It’s the same with metallics. The use of metallic finishes is also a growing trend.” 

Bring on the curves 

Curved sofa


In the world of interiors, boxy is out. People are beginning to experiment with curvier shapes with their furniture to add an element of fluidity to their homes. Curvy furniture can be connected with the modernist aesthetic. 

“Curved sofas and chairs have been coming back, but they are not going anywhere in 2024,” Hazen explains. “Even in the most modern linear spaces, the curvature of furnishings and lighting are what people gravitate towards for balance and softness in their interiors.” 

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